Collages are a great way to make your photography and videography stand out. If you want to display in style your memories from your latest trip, create awesome content for your social media followers or perhaps offer your loved ones a special anniversary gift, a collage is perfect for the job.

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Putting together a collage is super easy to do today, thanks to the multitude of apps that are specially-built to server this purpose. In this article we’ve compiled a list of some of the best collage makers you can creatively put to use if you’re an Apple fan:

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  2. ShapeCollage is Great Free Photo Collage Software for Mac OS X Jan 9, 2010 - 4 Comments The above image was generated with ShapeCollage, which is a great free Mac software program that allows you to create some pretty fancy photo collages, fitting into various shapes (even ones you define yourself) and text barriers.
  3. Download Acapella Maker Video Collage for PC – Windows and Mac The Acapella maker is an application that lets you make videos with beautiful collages. With this tool, you can create multiple video collages and also share them on your social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and others.


PhotoVideoCollage is our first proposal for creating an artistic collage. The app is available for both iPhone and Mac and enables you to create collages from photos, videos and music. PhotoVideoCollage comes with an intuitive interface and places at your disposal more than 70 layouts for the design. The app gives you the option of adding a frame around your videos and images and adjusting it with regards to its size, color or texture. On Mac you can also change the aspect ratio, by selecting from 7 available formats.

Want to make a cool-looking photo collage on your Mac? No problem, you don’t need super-advanced tools like Adobe Photoshop. There are a bunch of free and easy-to-use apps that allow you to make.

The app lets you further customize your collage. You can zoom in and out, pan your photos and videos or add your favorite song as background music and choose the exact point where it starts. PhotoVideoCollage invites you to do a little bit of DJ-ing by mixing the volume of each video and of the added song or by applying fade in/fade out audio effects. You can also change the order of the photos and videos inside the template simply by using drag and drop. Once you’ve put the finishing touches, you can easily share your video collage on Instagram or Facebook or send it via email.

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  • Download Link: iPhone
  • Price: Free ($1.99 Pro Version)
  • Download Link: Mac
  • Price: Free ($10 Pro Version)


PicPlayPost is another collage maker app that gives you the opportunity to add both photos and videos. The app allows you to insert up to 6 photos and videos into the collage from your phone, as well as import videos from YouTube. You can select the preferred template and aspect ratio, as well as adjust the frame’s color, size and thickness.

When it comes to audio, PicPlayPost lets you add your own music, mix the soundtracks as you wish, as well as insert multiple voice-over comments to the video. You can also add transitions, customizable text boxes and text or logo watermarks if you want to brand or protect the video you upload online. Once you’re done you can export your resulting video on Facebook or YouTube or send via email email or WhatsApp.

  • Download Link: iPhone
  • Price: Free (IAP from $1.99)


PhotoGrid is more than an iOS collage maker. This app is quite rich in features and offers you a multitude of options to edit your photos and videos, as well as create fresh visual content. When it comes to collage making, you have the option of adding up to 9 photos and videos or 15 photos inside the template. Speaking of templates, get ready because there are over 300 available to choose from.

You can easily edit the photos and videos inside the collage. PhotoGrid enables you to swap the position of your files, trim, crop, flip or rotate them, adjust the scale, apply filters and artistic effects, zoom in and out and many more. Further customizing includes changing the aspect ratio and the background, adding the desired music, text captions or stickers. Besides collages, the app also lets you create slideshows, scrapbooks, posters, 3D cards or memes.

  • Download Link: iPhone
  • Price: Free (IAP from $0.99)


Diptic is a photo and video collage app for iPhone developed to make your stories stand out. The app comes packed with over 190 design layouts and lets you add up to 9 files (photos and/or videos) in each layout. You can add a border around the collage and make adjustments to its size, color or texture. Inside the collage you can swap the position of the photos, pan, rotate, flip or zoom them.

Diptic gives you the possibility to do a little bit of photo and video editing. You can adjust the contrast, brightness or saturation of your images, as well as apply artistic filters to them. When it comes to video, you can select the preferred start and stop time, add music and choose the starting point and many more. The app also offers the option to insert a text caption. When you’re satisfied with the way the collage looks, you can save it or directly share it on social media.

  • Download Link: iPhone
  • Price: $2.99 (IAP from $0.99)


PicCollage is designed to help you create beautiful collages from photos. You can add your own photos from your gallery, but there’s also the possibility to search and add images from the web. The app offers a decent amount of layouts to choose from and lets you change the background according to your needs.

Once inside the layout, you can easily rearrange the placement of the pictures, adjust their size and rotate them to the desired angle. You can enhance your collage by adding customizable text comments or a large variety of stickers. You can save your creation in your phone, directly share it with your friends and followers on all major social networks or even select to print it.

  • Download Link: iPhone
  • Price: Free (IAP from $0.99)


Fotor is both an editor and photo collage app. It comes with two type of templates for your collage design: classic, where you can insert up to 9 pictures, and magazine, which is the more stylish version of the two. As far as customizing goes, you’re free to adjust the color and width of the frames, tweak the spacing, round off the corners or drop a shadow.

Fotor also gives you the freedom to make certain edits inside the template: you can change the position of the pics, rotate them or apply a wide range of special effects to them. At the same time, the app is a powerful editing tool. You can give your images a professional look by adjusting the brightness, contrast or saturation, by improving the sharpness, blurring out or cropping certain parts or by applying numerous effects and scenes.

  • Download Link: iPhone
  • Price: Free (IAP from $0.99)
  • Download Link: Mac
  • Price: Free ($4.99/month Subscription Pro Version)

Pic Jointer

Pic Jointer is an iPhone photo collage maker designed to trigger your creativity. The app offers hundreds of standard and stylish layouts and multiple possibilities to edit your collage. You get to adjust the aspect ratio to your preferences, tweak the frames and colors, pick the desired background, rotate, mirror, pan your images or zoom in and out.

With Pic Jointer you can spice things up by adding to your collage cool shapes and stickers and text captions with funky fonts and colors. The app also comes with editing tools in case you feel the need to fine-tune your images. Once you’re done editing, you can easily share your content on Facebook or Instagram.

  • Download Link: iPhone
  • Price: Free (IAP from $0.99)


TurboCollage is an iPhone and Mac collage maker with a distinctive feature. With this app you are free to add as many images as you want inside the collage because, unlike others, it doesn’t set a limit of photos.

TurboCollage is designed to work in two simple steps: you select your aspect ratio and then the photos you want to use. Next the app will automatically arrange them and create a stylish collage. The Mac version is more complex and offers numerous types of layouts to choose from, as well as multiple options to edit the collage to your liking.

  • Download Link: iPhone
  • Price: $2.99
  • Download Link: Mac
  • Price: Free $9.99


CollageIt is an easy to use collage app for Mac. The app is quite powerful and is designed to handle up to 200 images at once. It comes with 4 collage styles and over 60 templates to select from. With CollageIt you can take control and create your own design.

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The app enables you to move and arrange the photos inside the layout as you want, resize, rotate or crop them for a better fit or add filters, effects and masks for a cool look. You can also change the background using preset patterns or your own image, add stickers or text comments. When you’re finished, you can save your collage as a popular image format and print it, send it via email or share it on Facebook.

  • Download Link: Mac
  • Price: Free


Posterino is an app specially designed for Mac users who are looking to create an artistic photo collage. The app places at your disposal a wide array of grid, tiled or circular layouts and lets you completely customize the collage to match your aesthetic standards.

With Posterino you can add frames and fine-tune them, select the preferred aspect ratio or change the background. The app also gives you options to switch the position of the pics inside the template, crop them or enhance their look by using built-in filters such as black & white or sepia. Besides collages, Posterino allows you to create postcards, calendars or posters. You can share your creations on Facebook, Twitter or Flickr or send them through email.

  • Download Link: Mac
  • Price: $19.99