The multi tools can perfume some other tasks concerning its name. Besides, it comes with a lot of helpful features. On the other hand, you will able to unlock the phone without going to the servicing center. In this article, we will discuss the features of Android Multi Tools also provide the download link. Android Multi Tools V1.02B Download. Android Multi Tool V1.02b free download - Android 6.0 Marshmallow, Free Snipping Tool, Android 5.0 Lollipop, and many more programs. Hello, everyone today we are here with an awesome tool The latest updated and New cool Features for our site visitors. Hopefully today you find the new version on the Uni-Android tool from here landing page. Here we managed to download the latest version of uni android tool download and install Universal smart android tool software latest version for Computer Windows 7, 8, XP, Vista. Android Multi Tools free download - Daemon Tools Lite, Kingo Android Root, Android 6.0 Marshmallow, and many more programs. Jul 04, 2020 Android multi tools v1.02b software download is your solution for all such problems. Whether you want to check the status of your device or reset the PIN or Face or Pattern lock. If you want to reset the Gmail or Wipe Data or reboot your device, this Android multi tool latest version is what you need.

Are you are looking for Android Multi Tools latest version? Read the full documentation of Android Multi Tools and download free from our website. Users can do reset Password, Pattern Lock, PIN, Gesture Lock, and Facelock, etc with Android Multi Tools. The Official android team has not developed this software. So, use this software at your own risk. it can do the following:

  • Reset Face or PIN lock.
  • Wipe Data.
  • Reset the Gmail account.
  • Reset Face or Gesture lock.
  • Wipe data or cache on fast boot mode.
  • Reboot.
  • Software and Hardware info.

Android Multi Tools System Requirement

User can use this software with the following system requirement :

  • Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1, and Windows 10.
  • Android Multi Tools.
  • USB cable connected with mobile.

User Manual

Check Device

This option allows the user to check whether the phone is connected with the system or not. it will easily tell the user about that. if your mobile is not connected then it will show the user an error on the screen.

Reset Gmail

This option allows the user to remove your Gmail account from mobile. After reboot, the user can add a new Gmail account on mobile easily.


Wipe Data

This option allows the user to wipe data from mobile. Under the Wipe data option, it will delete all data like Contacts, Song, Photos, App, Setting, etc.

Reset Face or Gesture Lock

This option allows the user to reset the mobile Face lock or Gesture lock. This option also doesn’t wipe mobile data. So, your mobile data is 100% safe in this option. After rebooting mobile, the user can set a new Face or Gesture lock.

Reset PIN or Face Lock

This option allows the user to reset your mobile Face lock or Pin lock. This option also doesn’t wipe mobile data. So, mobile data is 100% safe in this option.

Check Fastboot Mode in Device

This option allows users to check whether a mobile connection with the system or not.

Exit Fastboot Mode


This option allows the user to exit from Fastboot mode.

Hardware Information

This option allows the user to see the mobile hardware information on your screen.

Software Information

This option allows the user to see software information about mobile on your screen.

Report or Contact Me

This option allows the user to report any bug of Android Multitool to the developer. If you want to contact the developer, then you can use this option.

Driver Download

This option allows the user to download Mobile drivers for the system.


If you need any type of help for software, then you can see this option. This option will guide you on how to use this software.

Wipe Data with Android Multi Tools Software

If you can unlock Samsung S10 Lite with Google find my device, then you can use Android Multi Tools. This tool can reset and unlock your Samsung S10 Lite mobile free of cost. To use Android Multi Tools, Please follow the below procedure for that:

  • First of all, you must have a computer or laptop. Without these, you cannot use this tool.
  • Now, download the Android SDK in the system.
  • After that, Download Android Multi Tools.
  • After that, install this tool on the system.
  • Now, run “Android Multi Tools.”
  • Now, go to mobile “Settings > Developer Option > USB Debugging”.
  • After that, press the Power and Volume down button on mobile.
  • You will see the boot screen on the mobile.
  • Now, use the USB cable to connect Samsung S10 Lite with the system.
  • After that, select the 5th or 8th option and press enter to reset Samsung S10 Lite mobile.
  • Now, you have successfully wipe data from Samsung S10 Lite mobile.

Other Options:

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Are you an Android user? So, here is a great tool for you. In most cases, Android Multi Tools is used to remove the pattern or pin lock of an Android smartphone. But, As per its name, this tool provides many tools to perform multiple tasks on your Android phone. Also, this is the best, free, and simple tool to remove the pattern lock of the Android phone. You can download the latest version of this tool from this page.

Nowadays, Security is a major issue. That’s why almost all mobile users lock their smartphone with a pin or pattern lock. But, in this technological era, smartphone companies provide their smartphones with biometric security features. Many Android users forget the pin or pattern lock.

After forgetting the pattern or pin lock of their phone, Most of the people go to the service center and mobile shops. However, you can hard reset your smartphone. But, with this option, you lose your data. But, you can easily remove the Android pattern lock without losing the data with Android Multi-Tool. And this option is best for Android users. So, this tool is helpful for those people, who forget the pattern lock of their Android phone.

So, don’t be panic, if your Android smartphone is locked, and you forget the password or pattern lock. You just need to download Android Multi Tools on your Windows PC and connect your phone to PC. After that, you can easily use this tool.

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  • 2 Download Android Multi Tools 1.02b For Windows

What is Android Multi Tools?

You can do multiple tasks with an “Android Multi Tools”. Basically, this tool is used to remove the pattern lock of Android phones. But, it also provides many other features. You can also reset your Gmail account with this tool. Also, you can use this tool as a flashing tool.

Requirements to Install Android Multi Tools

  • Working Internet connection to download this tool.
  • Windows PC to install Android Multi Tool. Requires Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, or 10.
  • You also need to install USB drivers.

Download Android Multi Tools 1.02b For Windows

You can download Android Multi Tools v1.02b from the below link. If you have any problem while downloading the Android Multi Tools, then write the comment in the comment section.

Software NameAndroid Multi Tools
Software Size359KB
Require OSWindows

Installation Guide

The software is lightweight that’s why it available without installation. You just need to extract all files from the zip file into one folder.

Double click on the “Android Multi Tools v1.02b.exe file” and the tool will be open.

Features Of Android Multi Tools

  • Remove or reset the Pin, Password, and a Pattern lock of the Android phone.
  • Easily Reset your Gmail account with this tool.
  • You can Wipe the data of your Android smartphone without installing custom recovery TWRP.
  • You can Check Device in Fastboot mode.
  • Reset your Android smartphone.
  • You can see the information of your Android phone (Android Version, IMEI Number, Firmware etc.).
  • It displays the Software Info and Hardware info (CPU, GPU, RAM, Sensors, and WiFi etc.).
  • You can upgrade and downgrade the firmware of an Android phone.
  • Reset Face and Gesture lock.
  • You can delete the cache on Fastboot mode to resolve the common problems.
  • It supports Android 4.1.x an above.

So, these are the features of the Android Multi Tools. This tool also provides some other cool features.

Advantages and Disadvantages Of Android Multi Tools


  • This tool is available for free, and You don’t need to pay for it.
  • You can easily use this tool and perform the task with one click.
  • You can easily reset and remove the Pattern lock of your Android phone.
  • Worked and compatible with all versions of Windows OS. You can use this tool on Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, and Windows 10.


  • You need to install USB drivers for your smartphone to use this tool.
  • It worked only on Windows OS.
  • You need to enable USB debugging on your Android phone to use this tool.

User Manual

1. Check Device – Check your device is connected to PC or not.

2. Reset Face/Pin Lock – Reset Your device lock without losing data.

3. Reset Face/Gesture Lock – You can reset gesture lock with this option.

4. Reset Gmail – Remove your default Gmail account from your Android phone.

5. Wipe Data – This will wipe/delete all your data from the device.

6. Reboot – Restart your phone.

7. Check Device On Fastboot Mode – Check your phone is connected to PC in Fastboot or not.

8. Wipe Data/Cache On Fastboot Mode – You can delete all data from the phone on Fastboot mode.

9. Exit Fastboot Mode – Use to exit from Fastboot mode.

0. Go to Command Prompt – Use DOS command prompt with this option.

S. Software Info – Shows Android Software detail.

H. Hardware Info – Shows device hardware information like CPU and sensors.

R. Report/Contact Me – Contact to the developer.

D. Driver Download – Download drivers on your PC.

E. Help – Open help user-manual.

O. Donate – Donate to the developer.

How To Remove Pattern Lock From Android Phone Using Android Multi Tools

Below are the steps to remove and unlock your Android phone with Windows PC.

1. Download the tool from the given link and extract the RAR file on your Windows PC.

2. Enable USB debugging on your Android Phone and connect your phone to a Windows PC with USB cable.

2. Open Android-Multi-Tools.exe file.

3. Now check your phone is connected or not. Type 1 and press Enter to check. If your smartphone is not connected, then you need to install USB drivers of your phone.

4. If your phone is connected successfully, then type 2 and press Enter to remove Pin/Pattern lock without losing the data.

5. After that, your phone will be restarted and the Pin or password lock will be removed.

F.A.Q (Frequently Asked Questions)

Question 1. It doesn’t show any connected device in “Check Device”.

Answer: Make sure you enabled USB debugging from settings. You need to enable the developer option to enable USB debugging. (To enable Developer option, Go to Settings > About Phone > Tap 7 times on Build number).

Question 2. The device is connected, but it shows offline.

Answer: You need to install USB drivers of your phone. Open driver.htm file from RAR file and download the drivers.

Final Words

So, guys, this is the guide on “Android Multi Tools”. If you forget the pattern lock of your Android device and want to remove the Android pattern lock without losing the data, then this tool is useful for you. So, This tool is one of the best and simple tools. You can easily use this tool. Also, this tool performs many tasks.

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