What is ASUS system recovery partition?

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ASUS system recovery partition (also called ASUS system recovery disk or disc, ASUS recoverydrive ) is a hidden partition which contain a recovery image, usually of factory defaults,which could be used to restore your computer to its original condition.

  1. Instructions to create ubuntu 16.04 lts install media for asus eeebook x205ta after ubuntu 16.04.2 updated fresh installs to have linux kernel 4.8.0, which broke several things such as the keyboard, and many asking if i can just provide an iso for the x205ta, i have changed this doc to give instructions on how to create an iso with x205ta.
  2. About ASUS EeeBook X205TA. ASUS EeeBook X205TA comes with a 11.6 inch display with a resolution of 1366×768 pixels. It is powered by Intel® Bay Trail-T Quad Core Z3735 1.33 GHz Processor with storage of 32GB SSD and 2GB DDR3L 1333 MHz SDRAM. The graphics are powered by Integrated Intel® HD Graphics.
  3. Hi, my notebook ASUS X205TA freezes on the welcome screen after I did a PC-windows reset that reinstalled windows. The keyboard doesn't work and the mouse doesn't move. I'm always stuck at the blue welcome screen that shows 'Hi there, let's get a few basic things out of the way' external mouse. Asus EeeBook X205TA.

I just got a 32GB X205TA and the ASUS support site for this model still has not been activated. There is a dead link to the page where the drivers and other support information are supposed to be. I'd like to upgrade to 8.1 Pro with the Pro Pack, but before I spend the $99, I'd like to try the free 8.1 Enterprise 90 day evaluation. AOMEI OneKey Recovery is a third party software aiming at operating system backup and restore. To restore eee pc to factory settings, you should have a system image created by it before. If you do not have, make one ASAP when current system is still in good condition. Open AOMEI OneKey Recovery and choose “OneKey System Recovery”.

Besides partition, system image file could also be saved in DVD, CD, USB, etc. Therefore, youcould also create ASUS system recovery CD/DVD/USB and so on.

How to access ASUS system recovery partition and restore computer?

In general, there are 3 ways to access the system recovery partition. The first one is tomake use of ASUS recovery key inWindows 10. the second one is to use installation disc. The last one is to use default resetoption.

However, some users report that ASUS system recovery partition F9 does not work. For theseusers, you’d better use the installation disc or default reset option.

Method 1: Access recovery partition with F9

1. Power on your computer, press F9 key immediately when Asus logo shows up,.

2. Select “Windows Setup[EMS Enabled]”, language and clickNext.

3. Click Next when the ASUS Preload Wizard screen appears. Then, select “RecoverWindows to first partition only”, “Recover Windows to entire HD”,or “Recover Windows to entire HD with 2 partitions” and click Next.

Note: thefirst option will only delete the first partition and it does affect the rest of partitions.The other options will delete all the partitions and the difference is that the last optionwill create 2 partitions, C: and D: drive.

4. Then, follow the steps in the wizard.

Method 2: Access recovery partition with installation disc

1. Insert your installation disc in the disk tray and restart your computer, then pressESC during booting, select CD/DVD and hit Enter.

2. Click OK twice to start the restoration and follow the on-screen instructions.

All the steps above will be a little difference in different operating system, so you don'tneed to worry too much. You could search “factory reset ASUS laptop” with the specifiedoperating system, such as, Windows 7/8/10 and follow the steps in the correspondingarticle.

Method 3: Restore ASUS laptop with default reset option

1. Click Start > Settings >Update & Security> Recovery > Getstarted, then select Restore factory settings in the Choose anoption window.

2. Decide to wipe the drive where Windows is installed or all the drives andclick Next.

3. Decide to just remove my files or remove files and clean the drive, thenclick Next.

4. Click Reset when you see the “Ready to reset this PC” window. After that,you just need to wait until the process is finished.

Asus X205t Boot

Alternative way to factory reset ASUS laptop in Windows 7/8/10

Besides the above methods, you still could consider using a trust and reliable third-partysystem recovery software, such as, AOMEIOneKey Recovery. It could help you make a bootable recovery partition and restoreyour ASUS laptop to factory settings, especially when your computer is unbootable. Besides,compared with branded recovery software, it has more features, such as, backup system toother location, restore OS from other location, UI and logo customization. More so, it couldbe used on all the branded computer, such as, ASUS, Lenovo, HP, etc.


Download AOMEI OneKey Recovery, installit.
Make a recoverypartition with AOMEI OneKey Recovery, because a image backup is the premise to restore ASUSto factory default settings. If you create arecovery partition to new hard drive, you need to tick “Backup system to otherlocation”.

Now, keep reading below to learn the detailed steps.

Asus Eeebook X205ta Recovery Iso Download

Step 1. Launch AOMEI OneKey Recovery software and click OneKey SystemRecovery.

Step 2. Tick the first option: Restore system by using the image file in AOMEI OneKeyRecovery partition and click Next.


Step 3. Confirm that you want to restore your computer to factory settings and click StartRestore. Then, wait until the process finishes and restart your computer.

Wrapping things up

With ASUS system recovery partition, you could factory reset ASUS laptop in Windows 7/8/10 atany time when something unexpected happens. But some users says, “ASUS recovery key inWindows does not work all the time.”

In this case, you’d better use installation disc, default reset option or an alternativesoftware like AOMEI OneKey Recovery software. The last one is much easier and suitable forall users, both beginner and technician, because it offers different users with differentversions, such as, Professional, Technician,Customization.

Hi, my notebook ASUS X205TA freezes on the welcome screen after I did a PC-windows reset that reinstalled windows. the keyboard doesn't work and the mouse doesn't move. I'm always stuck at the blue welcome screen that shows 'Hi there, let's get a few basic things out of the way'

external mouse or keyboard also not working.

i've tried to reset the notebook once again but it didn't help. I think it is the keyboard and mouse drivers are the problem but i don't have any idea of how i can deal with that.

anyone got an idea ? please help!.

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Asus Eeebook X205ta Recovery Iso Download Free


Asus Eeebook X205ta Recovery Iso Download Full

Try starting with a USB recovery for your version of Windows, you can get this from the Microsoft Support website.