Sep 11, 2018

HEY GUYS, Plssss HELP ME with my problem. 3 Apr 2010 Serial key for Battlefield Bad Company 2(WORKS PERFECT at. I heav installed the game end when i will to go multiplayer. 24 records Battlefield: Bad Company 2 serial numbers, cracks and keygens are presented Free Beta Online Keys Battlefield: Bad Company 2 key generator. Hp psc 1315 driver mac os x.

A guide to redeeming your serial key so you can play multiplayer :)I've seen a lot of bad reviews because people weren't clever enough to realize that you can simply redeem the code on EA's site. Here you go, noobs. This will also give you the game on Origin.

Find Your Serial Key

  • Option 1. You can either launch the game and have Steam give you the key there..
  • Option 2. Go to the game's page in your library (assuming you're in Games Details mode, the default), look in the list of the links on the right, and find CD Key.

Either way, find the key and copy it.

Redeem Your Key on

  • Go to EA's site and login.
  • Select your profile.

  • Select Account Settings.

  • Click Redeem Product Code.

  • Enter your product code (serial key, CD key, etc.) and click Next.
Bad company 2 serial key steam locations
You should now have the game attached to your EA account. This means you also own the game on Origin as well as Steam.
Most importantly, when the game contacts the servers, it will detect that the key is already redeemed and won't ask you for it.

Launch the Game and Enjoy!

You may now play the game without any problems!
Simply launch the game, click login and log into your EA account that you had or created, and then you're ready to go :)

Bad Company 2 Serial Key Steam Locations

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