1. Barnett Rc 300 Manual Parts

I have a Barnett RC 300 (purchased it in 96) but a spring in the trigger mechanism broke so I figured I probably should order new cables and a string also. But a guy that has a pro shop near me that ordered parts for me once before said they've discontinued selling parts, they discontinued making that bow years back.

QUAD 300

“Veloci-Speed” Synthetic Systems

Manual Includes the Following:

Bsi simian 2.0 crack. Safety Guidelines

General Information

Assembly Guides

Warranty Information

Trouble Shooting

Care and Maintenance

congratulations, you are the proud owner of the finest production crossbow in the world!

Please follow all safety, assembly and trouble shooting instructions contained in the manual. It is extremely important to read and follow the instructions before attempting to use your crossbow. Serious injuries to yourself or others, damage to your crossbow, or poor performance from your crossbow could result from failure to thoroughly read and understand these instructions. If any part of this manual is unclear to you, contact the Sales Department at 800-237-4507. After assembly of your crossbow, please keep your manual for future reference.

For the Quad 300 Barnett highly recommends using XX75 2219 20” or 22” Carbon arrow with moon nock and 125-grain practice or broadhead. Depending on your state regulations, we recommend using mechanical broadheads, which result in a more consistent flight pattern.

Manual Contents

Specifications/Parts Check List


Safety Guidelines


Parts List all Components


Parts Picture


Assembly Guide


Crossbow Operation


Trouble Shooting

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Care and Maintenance




Warranty Card




Veloci-Speed” Sys.

Quad 300

Feet per Second


Power Stroke


Draw Weight


String Length


String Stock No.


For teardrop model

built prior to 2001

please refer to the


Quad 300

Feet per Second


Power Stroke


Draw Weight


String Length


String Stock No.



Before beginning to assemble your crossbow, take a moment to organize these parts and ensure you have everything you need.


Part Name

1 Each

3/16, 5/32 & 2mm Hex Keys




Button Head Screw for Foot stirrup


Socket Cap Screw for Prod Housing


Lock Washer for Prod Housing


Sight Bracket


Sight Pins


Socket Cap Screws and washers for Sight Bracket


Screw for Rear Peep Sight

If you are missing any of the above parts contact the Barnett Sales Department at 1-800-237-4507.


Safety Guidelines


Barnett Quad-300crossbows are equipped with an automatic safety, which engages every time the crossbow is cocked. The safety must be released before each shot. This, as with any other mechanical device, does not guarantee total safety, as no safety device is a substitute for common sense and safe handling. The crossbow trigger is only to be pulled when the safety is in 'fire' position and NEVER when it is in the 'safe' position or anywhere between 'safe' and 'fire.' Do not attempt to alter or modify the safety or the trigger mechanism. If the safety will not release, this happens when the trigger is pulled before the safety switch is released. To correct this, push the trigger pull forward, then release the safety catch.

The following rules should be followed at all times:


Always keep your fingers below the flight track and out of the path of cables and strings when firing the crossbow.

Never dry-fire the crossbow (shoot without an arrow). Dry firing will void the warranty and can result in damage to the limb assembly and possibly cause personal injury.

Never fire the crossbow until you are sure of your target.

Always use an adequate target and backstop when target shooting.

Always use suitable crossbow arrows, such as XX75 2219 20” or Barnett’s 22' Carbon Crossbow arrows for the Quad-300 with moon nock. Arrows of improper stiffness or mass weight may damage the limb and cable assembly, voiding the warranty and possibly cause personal injury.

Always inspect the crossbow and arrows before firing. Bent or damaged arrows are not safe to fire and should be discarded or repaired.


Table of Contents

  • Barnett Recruit Compound Crossbow

Barnett Recruit Compound Crossbow



  • Good, all-around bow
  • Perfect for small statures, such as women, boys, or anyone wanting an easy-to-carry crossbow
  • Adjustable butt stock
  • Comes with rope-cocking device


  • Questionable string quality
  • Slower speed than bigger bows, mid-range
  • Red dote sight only

We’d like to welcome you to our Barnett Avenger Recruit Crossbow Review. The Barnett Avenger Recruit is an overall great bow. It’s small and easy to maneuver without sacrificing speed, making it perfect for hunters of a smaller stature. It comes with an adjustable butt stock, giving you the option to grow with your bow. This bow doesn’t leave you wanting for much; it can take down anything you’re hunting with it’s speed and accuracy. Perfect for target shooting as well, the Recruit Crossbow is versatile and well-balanced for precision shooting. Additionally, this quality crossbow is an excellent cost-efficient choice.


Barnett is a trusted name in crossbows and the Recruit does their name justice. This bow is perfect for a beginner but still strong enough for the seasoned hunter. Whether target shooting or big game hunting, this crossbow is an excellent choice.


The Barnett Recruit Crossbow has a 330 FPS velocity, which is in the mid-range for crossbow speed. Having a 130-lb draw weight, a rope cocking device is included for easier pull. Weighing in at only 6.4 lbs, its easy to carry.

The Recruit has a 12.5″ power stroke and 91.9 foot pounds of energy, so it’s going to have good stopping power, able to take down whatever you’re hunting.

Overall length is 34. 25”, but it has an adjustable butt stock for shortening. Great bow for adjusting to personally preferred length. Width is 18”

Power Stroke12.5″
Draw Weight


The Recruit boasts a Crosswire string and cable system, blending Barnett’s fibers with the industry’s toughest serving materials. Synthetic stock with thumbhole and pistol grip makes it easy to hold and position.

Custom composite lamented limbs and CNC machined aluminum Picatinny rail are made to last, adding durability and strength. Picatinny rail allows attaching a grip.

This crossbow is also designed to allow for a crank cocking device, which makes it even simpler to cock and shoot.


The performance of this Recruit Avenger Bow is outstanding, packing plenty of power. With its 300 FPS, combined with strong kinetic energy, it can bring down even large prey. It’s nice and quite, so if you miss, you may get a second chance.

The red dot sight works, but it’s not the best and can be replaced with a better sight. Crossbow is very well-balanced, making it easier to shoot accurately with precision.


This crossbow is definitely versatile; it’s just as adept at big game hunting as it is target shooting. It’s light and compact, easy to carry; perfect for a woman, a beginning teen, or man of smaller stature.

The Recruit is easily modified with an adjustable butt stock; it can literally grow with the beginning hunter. Whether you use the rope cocking device included, or add a crank cock which it is ready for, both make it easier to cock and shoot.


With the low price of the Barnett Recruit, the quality of its build, and its speed and accuracy, you can’t beat its value. This bow is very cost-efficient, making it easy to afford.

For hunting or target shooting, you have everything you need; crossbow comes with scope and rope cock. There’s still room for upgrades, which makes it even more attractive for the price.

What do we like?

We like that the Barnett Avenger Recruit Crossbow is an absolutely awesome value for the price. What’s more, you’ll get a bow that can grow as you do.

It’s compact, lightweight, and easy to carry and combined with its accuracy, this is a very versatile bow as well.

Barnett Rc 300 Manual Parts

The rope cock makes it easier and we like that it accommodates a crank cock. Great bow for a great price!

What don’t we like?

We really don’t care for the red dot sight; that’s probably the biggest thing. Some hunters like this type of sight, so it’s really just a personal preference.

The speed is great for the size, but we like faster crossbows for better impact.

In addition, there may be a problem with the string quality.

Bottom line?

The bottom line is that the Barnett Recruit Crossbow is a great, all-around bow. It has plenty of power and accuracy for both target shooting and big game hunting.

In addition, it’s also an all-around great value. The price is affordable for even the casual hunter.

It’s lightweight, so if you have to walk a lot, your arms aren’t going to get worn out before you spot some game. It also aids in its accuracy.

This crossbow is also adjustable, making an excellent beginner bow that can grow with the hunter. We really recommend this bow for women, boys, beginners, and anyone who wants a lightweight bow without sacrificing power.

The Barnett Recruit is a great bow at a great price.

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