Multiplayer DOES work. I just left a match. For some people, it seems the server list is buggy and won't show up, but we are here. You can add server IPs manually if you change the server list from Internet to Favorites. Then just click on Add Server and add the IP numbers. You will see the servers name pop up and just double click.

hello everybody !!!

It's been a long time I haven't been on this forum, but I have an interesting request for the dev team :
As we all know Callof Duty Modern Warfare 3 will be provided with dedicated servers, but not the Black OPS dedicated servers which you could only have on gameserver.
Cod waw pcIt will be dedicated servers that you can host at home, so that mean we'll be able to have the server files, so I'd like to know if the team would like to work on cracked dedicated servers, just as CoD MW1 and CoD WaW ???
Please give me an answer

Play Zombies with the latest hamachi!

Cod Waw Nazi Zombies Cracked Servers

Today i’m teaching you my friends, the art of playing on the latest hamachi, your favorite custom maps with your friends!.
If you are here you probably already followed a thousand of different guides on how to play zombies with hamachi, and yet you still can’t play with your friends.

The classic problem is that the Hamachi Network works properly, every member has a stable connection, a green mark near their name and they can be pinged without problems, but still you can’t see their lobby or can’t join their game.

This is a problem i faced and managed to fix it after trying almost every guides and NONE of them actually worked, so i finally found the fix my self.

BUT NOW GIVE US THE FIX!, here you go. The main problem here as you can see many guides suggest to download the old hamachi wich had an ip range that start with 5.#.#.#, the new hamachi however starts with different ip’s usually 25.#.#.#.# or 26 most of them won’t work with cod waw nowdays, and leave you wondering if you can ever play your favorite game again, well you can with my solution.

The fix is quite simple now follow my steps !

  • Install the latest Hamachi
  • Create a new Network and let your friends in
  • Check that everyone has the green mark and try to ping them
  • Now you need to go in your Connection Settings, it will depends on your operating system for Windows 10 go to Start->Settings->Ethernet->Edit Board Options ( or something similiar)

Cod Waw Cracked Servers

You will now find your self here and you should have your ethernet or wifi boards as well as a new voice called Hamachi, right click it and go to properties.

Now select Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) and click properties.

Leave anything as is and click advanced.

Cod Waw Cracked Zombie Servers

Now change the metric interface from 9000 or whatever to 1, after that Edit the gateway if you have one like the above screenshot or just add a new one, set it to be Automatic Metric and change the 25 with a 5 it should all finally look like this:

Cod Waw Cracked Servers 1.7

Confirm all your changes and now you are ready to go. Yes thats it! go Play! it was really this easy, now you can finally see or host lobby’s.

Cod Waw Zombie Servers

Have fun enjoying the community custom maps!