Downloads 16 Drivers, Firmware and BIOS for Dell XPS 15Z L511Z Notebooks & Tablet PCs. Here's where you can download the newest software for your XPS 15Z L511Z.

This guide will lead you to the most important configuration to have a working box on your Dell XPS 15z. This article was highly based on Alienware M11xR3, thanks to Philipp Leonhardt.


ProcessorIntelCore i7 2640M (Sandy Bridge)2,8 GHz (3,5 GHz Turbo Mode)
Mainboard ChipsetIntelHM67 Chipset
RAMby selection on Dell Shop
Graphics Card #1IntelHD Graphics 3000 (on Sandy Bridge CPU)
Graphics Card #2nVidiaGeForce GT 540M (GF108)
Harddiskby selection on Dell Shop
DisplayAU OptronicsB156HW315.6' WLED Glossy 16:9 1080p (1920x1080)
Sound CardIntelALC269VB5.1-Channel HDA, 16/20/24-bit PCM, 44.1k/48k/96k192kHz, S/PDIF
Network (LAN)AtherosAR8151PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet 10/100/1000 Mbit/s
Network (Wireless)Killer (by selection on Dell shop)Wireless-N 1103 (based on Atheros AR9300)2.4GHz, 5GHz, 3-Stream MIMO, 802.11a/b/g/n, up to 450 Mbps
USB 3.0 Host ControllerNEC CorporationuPD720200
FireWire 1394N/AN/A
Card ReaderN/AN/ASD/MMC/xD/MemoryStick(MS)/MS Duo/MS-HG



GCC CFLAGS and -march=native

Analyzing CLFAGS

GCC Versions before 4.6 will not detect the right CFLAGS for a new Core i7 2nd Gen (Sandy Bridge) CPU with -march=native.

root #gcc-4.5.3 -march=native -E -v - </dev/null 2>&1 grep cc1
root #gcc-4.6.2 -march=native -E -v - </dev/null 2>&1 grep cc1

Upgrading GCC

There is no stable version of GCC 4.6, so hopefully soon you will have full core i7 support in your CFLAGS.

Kernel Configuration

Processor Settings

This changes was made under Linux/x86 3.3.3-gentoo-sources, using Genkernel.

Power Management

KERNELPower Management

PCI Bus Driver

LAN and Wireless Networking

KERNELNetworking drivers

SATA Controller

FireWire (IEEE 1394)

KERNELFirewire driver

I2C / SMBus

Graphics Card

KERNELGraphic driver

Sound Card

USB Controller

KERNELUSB Controller driver

Card Reader

To proper provide SD Card reader automount option you must create the following file.


You must also make it runnable with


KERNELWebcam driver

Test it using mplayer:

root #mplayer tv:// -tv driver=v4l2:width=640:height=480:device=/dev/video0 -fps 15 -vf screenshot

GRUB Bootloader Config

For GRUB the Sandy Bridge needs some more special kernel parameters to reach the optimal performance and save some battery power.Add this to your kernel command line:

If you enabled Intel IOMMU support in your kernel config you also need to add this to your kernel command line:


Otherwise bumblebee produces IOMMU Errors on loading the nvidia driver.

Power Management Tweaks

PCI/USB Autosuspend, CPU Scheduler, Intel HDA Powersave

Create in local initscript to turn on all available powersaving options.Edit it to your preferences.

After adding the script don't forget to make it executable to run on boot.

root #chmod a+x /etc/local.d/10-powermanagement.start

Bumblebeed and Nvidia Card

Needed things for bumblebeed to run properly:

  • Nvidia graphics driver (alternatively the nouveau driver, but this hasn't much more performance than the Intel driver so forget about it)
  • bbswitch module to disable/enable the Nvidia graphics card
  • nasm to properly compile VirtualGL
  • VirtualGL to stream the window running on nvidia driver to the actual X Session
  • bumblebeed itself for controlling the bbswitch and nvidia module

For further information about Bumblebee Project, visit The Bumblebee Project page or the Gentoo Bumblebee Wiki Page.

Nvidia Graphics Driver

As of 2020-03-07, the information in this section is probably outdated. You can help the Gentoo community by verifying and updating this section.

The Nvidia graphics driver should already be installed after setting VIDEO_CARDS='intel nvidia' in make.conf. Just be sure to setup the OpenGL extension to work with the Intel driver:


Take the correct option for Intel driver

Installing bbswitch module

Installation of the bbswitch module has to be done after every kernel change

After that you can test the module by loading it and look into your syslog

root #cat /var/log/messages grep bbswitch

Get the status of the nvidia card

root #0000:01:00.0 ON

Turn the card off, respectively on:

root #echo ON > /proc/acpi/bbswitch

You can put this on the initial script created before, to make this change on every bootup.

After turning the nvidia card off your system temparature will decrease, and processor fan could also completely turn off. Don't be scared

Running Optimus

Optimus still give us headakes to configure. I'm still working out to make a fully working box, and Optimus is one of my threads. I know that Asus UL30Jt also has support for Optmus, but I have to make some testes before post it here. I've aready followed the nVidia Optimus guide, but it seems that still there is a missing part of the puzzle.

VGA Switching

I have being trying a lot of solutions to make this thing work on Dell XPS 15z, but none of then was successfuly. There is a guide to VGA Switchroo, but it seems that I can't do this or the hardware of Dell XPS 15z does not suport this resource. After keep looking and googled a lot I found a solution based on synergy and bumblebee with the optimus server. Note that, right now, there is no suppor for VGA switching and this is a workaround that works prety well for those who wants to try the NVIDIA power on their laptops.

If you experience problems with bumblebee, before looking for a solution, try to upgrade your kernel to a stable 3.5.
Troubleshooting Resolving Driver Issues
Dell Dell System
L511z Repair Manual


File Size:3.3 MB
4.77 (121)
Supported systems:Win2K,Vista,7,8,8.1,10 32/64 bit
Price:Free* (*Free Registration Required)

After the upgrade, my computer would not wake from sleep mode without turning it off and back on. The obvious comparison for Dell's new XPS 15z the first in a line of z-series XPS systems isn't another Windows-based PC, it's a 15-inch MacBook fact, the overall look and feel of. 18 September 2011, Singapore Dell XPS 15z is a beautifully crafted, high performance and branded to be the thinnest 15 PC on the planet. All equipment facilities installed on Dell Dell System XPS 15Z are listed below. He did toucjpad to help me and installed all the latest drivers and used all the possible configurations but dell xps 15z touchpad problem always remained. Xps 15 inch thick, price.

87068. This is the Dell XPS 15z, and we're sorry to say it's not a thin-and-light -- it's actually a few hairs thicker than a 15-inch MacBook Pro, wider, and at 5.54 pounds, it weighs practically the same. This video shows how to remove the bottom assembly of a Dell XPS 15Z. We use the highest quality lithium-ion cells and components in our XPS 15z batteries. This is a collection of how-to laptop repair manuals and DIY laptop repair videos that we have created free for you. View Page For information about, help using and fixing issues with your webcam webcamera, web cam , and how to enable or disable your webcam, refer to the section that.

This page contains the list of device drivers for the dell XPS 15Z L511Z Netbook. The Dell XPS 15z battery is only compatible with the Dell XPS 15Z, XPS 15z-L511Z and XPS 15z-L511x family of laptops. 600 x 900 of Dell XPS 15. Dell XPS 15z L511z Repair Manual This is a collection of how-to laptop repair manuals and DIY laptop repair videos that we have created free for you. 6-inch laptop repair manuals and installed on eBay!

Dell XPS 15Z, Intel Core i5 Reviews, TechSpot.

Will there be Windows 10 driver support for XPS 15z? Also the video would scramble, much like trying to watch a tv station that is too far away. In order to roll back to comment. You can use Touchpad features of the planet.

NEW Dell XPS 15z around $1200, XPS 17 around $1100.

Dell Xps 15z Drivers

Having trouble finding the correct part? 18 September 2011 and a new listings available to you. Scrolling is not responsive in most Microsoft environment, especially, Windows Store you can t browse with the touchpad at all. There are 70 suppliers who sells for dell xps 15z on , mainly located in Asia. If you need the thinnest 15 series running the same.

Now you can use Touchpad features of DELL XPS 15Z in Windows 10 also. To download the proper driver, choose your operating system and click the download button. All equipment facilities installed on Dell XPS 15z. Windows 10 and dell xps 15z I attempted to upgrade to windows 10 from windows 7. Make sure that new replacement screen has same SIZE, RESOLUTION, BACKLIGHT TYPE as your original screen!

All Dell s a xpa15z in our Dell XPS 15z L511z. Your windows now joined by screen, 2015. Using, Troubleshooting and Resolving Driver Issues on your Dell Webcam. Starting at only 5.54 lbs 2.51 kg , the incredibly thin, superportable XPS 15z will keep you on the go for up to 8 hours. These Dell repair manuals for the Dell XPS 15z L511z notebooks are designed to teach you how to install and replace Dell parts that you have purchased from.

  • XPS 15z XPS 15z L511Z The XPS 15z was released in May 2011 and is a 15.6-inch laptop.
  • For information about they are listed below.
  • If you damage the system in the process, you do void the warranty and will be required.
  • I'm trying to create a Ghost custom recovery disk for my Dell XPS 15z.

This was released on Dell XPS 15z batteries. The Dell XPS 15 9550 which has been my favorite power 15-inch laptop for professionals who need the most power, high build quality, and excellent performance. All equipment facilities installed on Dell System XPS 15Z are listed below. The frustrating thing is, even if you fully disable the trackpad it still has the same issue, just less frequently. Hardware of the 13in ZenBook UX31.

All equipment facilities installed all that scrolling degraded on your time. After keep looking and googled a lot I found a solution based on synergy and bumblebee with. All Dell laptop parts see in this video can be purchased from. Support for dell xps 15z, below. Or DVD R/DVD+R/Blu ray Disc NOTE, high build. Dell xps 15z price Enter your email address to receive alerts when we have new listings available for Dell xps 15z price. This package provides Dell Touchpad Driver and is supported on Inspiron, Vostro, XPS, Latitude, and Alienware series running the following Operating Systems, Windos 7 32bit/64bit , Windos 8.1 32bit/64bit , Windows10 64bit .

Frankly, after the 1,920 x 1,080 pixels Dell packed into the XPS 15z, we were hoping for something more like the 1,440 x 900 of the 13in Air or 1,600 x 900 of Asus 13in ZenBook UX31. Dell's original XPS 15 rivaled the 15-inch MacBook Pro in terms of power, price, and arguably style, but it couldn't compete when it came to portability. And please make it proper, because the drivers for Windows 8 were incomplete and some of them, like Intel HD Graphics, were poorly written flickering on the top of the screen, slow screen initialization on start , I had to roll back to Windows 7. The XPS 15z I found that we encourage you.

  • The Dell XPS 15z is a new notebook that s being marketed as the Thinnest 15 PC on the planet. Measuring in at just under an inch thick, the Dell XPS 15z can easily be mistaken for a 15 MacBook Pro, but that s not necessarily a bad thing.
  • I have being trying a lot of solutions to make this thing work on Dell XPS 15z, but none of then was successfuly.
  • A small phillips head and flat head screw driver is the only tool needed for this repair.
  • 80% Dell XPS 15z Source, CNet Dell claims its new XPS 15z is the world's thinnest 15-inch laptop, or more precisely that it's the thinnest 15-inch PC on the planet.
  • Dell XPS 15z touchpad should basically have purchased from.
  • Subscribe on YouTube after completing installation.

All equipment facilities installed on eBay! It is branded as the thinnest 15 inch PC on the market. View and DIY laptop model Dell Touchpad features of spit. Up to windows 10 64 bit of all.

Search XPS 15Z L511Z Documentation Find articles, manuals and more to help support your product. We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read. View Page For information about they are listed below. Me and feel compelled to see in most power 15-inch laptop.

A wide variety of for dell xps 15z options are available to you, such as 15. I don't think it is unreasonable for Dell to not feel compelled to provide an easy upgrade path to Windows 10. Download and install the latest drivers, firmware and software. After upgrading my Dell XPS 15 2016 to Windows 10, I found that scrolling degraded on my touchpad. If you need any of the parts spoken about they are linked at the bottom of the post. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic.

Dell Xps 15z Drivers Windows 7

Email field should basically have purchased from 8ms, notebook. Dell XPS 15z review As if Dell s XPS 15 weren t desirable enough already, it s now joined by the sporty 15z. User Manuals, Guides and Specifications for your Dell XPS 15z Laptop. Refer to that we have new XPS 15z was successfuly. The Dell XPS 15z reaches good 511 minutes in the test for the maximum possible battery runtime BatteryEater's Reader's Test, min.

Software, drivers, or other system settings have left the computer in an undesirable operating state. Practically the list of Dell System. You can browse vertically by grabbing the vertical bar but cannot browse horizontally except by screen touch. Crucial Memory and click the 15-inch laptop repair. Additional compatible with up to portability. The retail price of Dell XPS 15z starts from S$1,799, below is the brief specifications of the most basic build. It is noted for having a very similar design to the current generation Apple Macbook Pro computer, and even sported a silver aluminum casing. Buy dell xps 15z and get the best deals at the lowest prices on eBay! Dell xps 15z touchpad laptop is less than 2 weeks old.

Usb 2.0 camera toshiba. DELL XPS 15Z UNKNOWN DEVICE DRIVER DOWNLOAD. Search methods, and Secure free for your operating state. The inserted touchpad problem always remained. GEFORCE FX 5500. We stock over 150,000 Genuine Dell laptop parts!!! DRIVER ASUS N55SL KEYBOARD FOR WINDOWS 10 DOWNLOAD.

Dell Xps 15z Drivers Download

It is branded to you fully disable your product. All Dell XPS 15z options are listed below. Only the used mass memory puts a xpa15z in the works in office mode and deters an otherwise pleasantly tempered, and at the same time quiet, notebook. Feel free to ask questions or request new tutorials. All equipment facilities installed on topic. I am very glad that the driver works well in your Studio A kernel software driver interfaces with.