Dec 10, 2020 Setelahnya aplikasi dapat mendeteksi dengan sendirinya aplikasi yang ada pada perangkat Android. Kemudian mulai mainkan aplikasi ini pada perangkat Android masing-masing. Nah, itu tadi merupakan beberapa informasi tentang aplikasi ini. Ayo Download ePSXe + Bios Apk Terbaru sekarang juga! Semoga bermanfaat.

Download Aplikasi Psx For Android Emulator

Gain access to your PlayStation with your phone.


The PlayStation App gives you access to the games that you play on the system without being in front of the unit. The graphics are surprisingly good for an Android app and are realistic at times depending on the game that you play. You can easily see what your friends are playing and join in with them if you have time or if you want to get involved with the battle.


While playing games and searching for information with the PlayStation App, you can review your achievements and compare them with the others who are playing the same games. There is an option to chat with your friends while you're playing a game so that you have better communication to help with defeating enemies in the game. The app allows you to get notifications with games and any game alerts if there are any changes. Invitations are also sent from those who want you to play with them. Your keyboard can be used to play the games, but there are some games that you aren't able to play as the files are too large for the device.


  • Receive notifications
  • Chat online
  • View multiple games


  • Some games won't work completely
  • Ads sometimes run rampant