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Antares Auto-Tune is one of the most comprehensive vocal processing and pitch correction software in the world. Compared to Equalizer APO, Wavepad, and other similar programs, Auto Tune comes with an interactive interface and a wide range of features. The latest version is sophisticated, and allows you to navigate the tool without much trouble.

Autotune is a software plugin that identifies the change in Pitch or change in sound frequency. There are some pre-defined frequencies in it, and it “observers” the change of the input of sound/vocal. Autotune allows singers and music composers to identify the pitch singer is hitting. There are seven different notes in music theory. Also, There are different pitches of these seven notes. When a singer makes a mistake, that is, he/she is not able to hit the correct Pitch, Autotune can help in such scenarios. Autotune can be used in many different DAWs. But for the sake of today’s tutorial, We’ll see How to Autotune in FL studio.

Before diving into the “How to Autotune in Fl Studio” section, Let’s understand “How Autotune works”.

How Autotune Works

There are Different notes in musical theory, And There are different pitches also, 12 to be precise. There is a certain pitch of the entire song. This Pitch decides the mood of the song. A singer should and have to maintain the Pitch and the scale during the entire song. Now, When a singer is trying to hit the specific note, Sometimes, He/she misses it. Hence Autotune is used to correct those mistakes.

The Pitch Depends on the frequency of the sound. For instance, E-3 has a frequency of 165 Hz, and F3 has a frequency of 175 Hz. Now, When a singer hits a frequency of 168 Hz, Autotune will identify the mistake, and it will manipulate the Pitch of the original sound, and the scale and the Pitch of the song will be maintained. Musicians can use DAWs like Ableton and Fl Studio to use Autotune plugin. Now when you know how the autotune works, let’s dive into How to use Autotune in Fl Studio.

First things first, There are many different plugins available in the market out there. You can use any of those plugins. Autotune access, Melodyne, Vox Box, WavesAudio’s Vocal Bundle are some of the best plugins. You can use any of the plugins for Autotune in Fl Studio. The basic things in every plugin are the same. You have to change certain settings for different types of songs.

8/10 (649 votes) - Download Antares Auto-Tune Free. Antares Auto-Tune is the ultimate professional tool to be able to solve tone problems during the recording. Download Antares Auto-Tune for your PC. When it comes to recording a song you can encounter certain problems with the tone and the tempo. Dec 13, 2019 AutoTune 8.1 Free Download: Auto-Tune 8.1 VST is an audio processor created by and a registered trademark. From Antares Audio Technologies that uses a patented device to measure and alter the tone in recordings and performances of vocal and instrumental music. Download Autotune Vst For Fl Studio 11 Auto-Tune is a program that measures and adjusts the pitch of a recording. It has been used for quite a long time to correct slightly off-pitch voice recordings, and it’s pretty good at that — most Auto-Tune use you will most likely not hear or detect.

How to Autotune in FL studio

Autotune in FL studio, seems a bit tricky but trust me after this tutorial, It will be a piece of cake for you. There are two basic types of Autotune.

  • First, Which is done at the Time of the Recording.
  • Second, Which is done during the “Post-processing” phase

We will start with the method done at the time of recording, and then we will move towards the method done after the recording. In this way, We can easily cover all aspects of How to Autotune in Fl Studio.

1. During The Recording session

Let’s assume you want to record a singer’s vocal for a beat you have created earlier. First, you have to set up your mixer channel in FL Studio for recording vocals.

Download autotune for fl studio 10
  • Select a new mixer channel and Select the audio input according to your mic.
  • Use some basic effects like an EQ to remove the bass from your voice so that Autotune can focus on the actual vocals without unnecessary noise. You can also add reverb, but make sure you add reverb below the autotune.
  • Below the EQ, Setup your Autotune. My personal preference is Waves Tune Real-Time. You can use your favorite.

Analyze your beats and then Select the key/scale in your Autotune plugin. This is a very important step, so don’t mess it up, Be calm and Be careful while selecting the key as a wrong key can ruin your vocal.

When you have done everything right, You are good to go now. So, Now if, you make mistakes in hitting the correct note in your vocals, Autotune will surely save you.

This setup will give a free room to the singer so he/she can easily sing without worrying about the correctness of the Pitch. Now let’s jump on to the other section of how to Autotune in Fl Studio, in the post-processing phase.

2. Post Recording Techniques

Download Autotune For Fl Studio

Now, when you have your vocals ready, You can do some post-processing to make it sound more natural.

  • Fire up your Autotune plugin from the mixer track, once again
  • There you’ll find some knobs. Speed and Note Transition are the main players here.
  • Speed will change the speed of correctness, and It represents the time it will take to correct note of your vocals. So if you want a subtle autotune, you can keep the knob a little high.
  • Note Transition represents the time it will take to jump off a note to another note. So if you don’t want a robotic noise from your mix, keep the knobs a little higher.


With this setup, you can easily set up an autotune for any type of song. The settings might be different for different genres and songs, but the way of How to Autotune in Fl studio will be the same. I hope you like this easy and simple setup. If you have any questions, feel free to comment down below.

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Antares autotune 5 free download is available as a plug-in for digital audio workstations used in a studio setting and as a stand-alone, rack-mounted unit for live performance processing. The processor slightly shifts pitches to the nearest true, correct semitone (to the exact pitch of the nearest note in traditional equal temperament).

Auto-Tune can also be used as an effect to distort the human voice when pitch is raised or lowered significantly, such that the voice is heard to leap from note to note stepwise, like a synthesizer.

Auto-Tune has become standard equipment in professional recording studios. Instruments such as the Peavey AT-200 guitar seamlessly use Auto Tune technology for real time pitch correction.

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Download Autotune For Fl Studio Free

Antares AutoTune History

Auto-Tune was launched in September 1997 by Andy Hildebrand, a Ph.D. research engineer specialized in stochastic estimation theory and digital signal processing. His method for detecting pitch involved the use of autocorrelation and proved to be superior to earlier attempts based on feature extraction that had problems processing certain aspects of the human voice such as diphthongs, leading to sound artifacts.

Fl Studio Autotune Plugin Free

Music industry engineers had previously considered the use of autocorrelation impractical because of the extremely large computational effort required, but Hildebrand found a “simplification [that] changed a million multiply adds into just four. It was a trick — a mathematical trick.” Over several months in early 1996, he implemented the algorithm on a custom Macintosh computer, and presented the result at the NAMM Show later that year, where “it was instantly a massive hit.”

Hildebrand had come up with the idea for a vocal pitch correction technology on the suggestion of a colleague’s wife, who had joked that she could benefit from a device to help her sing in tune. Originally, Auto-Tune was designed to discreetly correct imprecise intonations, in order to make music more expressive, with the original patent asserting that “When voices or instruments are out of tune, the emotional qualities of the performance are lost.”

According to Chris Lee of the Los Angeles Times, Cher’s 1998 song “Believe” is “widely credited with injecting Auto-Tune’s mechanical modulations into pop consciousness”. Cher’s producers used the device to “exaggerate the artificiality of abrupt pitch correction”, contrary to its original purpose.

While working with Cher on the song “Believe” in 1998, producers Mark Taylor and Brian Rawling discovered that if they set Auto-Tune on its most aggressive setting, so that it corrected the pitch at the exact moment it received the signal, the result was an unsettlingly robotic tone.

— Greg Milner (2009)
In an early interview, the producers of “Believe” claimed they had used a DigiTech Talker FX pedal, in what Sound on Sound’s editors felt was an attempt to preserve a trade secret. After the success of “Believe” the technique was initially referred to as the “Cher Effect”. In the year 2000, the single “Naive Song” performed by Mirwais Ahmadzai from his album Production was the first ever track using Auto-Tune on the complete vocals.

The use of Auto-Tune as a vocal effect was bolstered in the late 2000s by hip hop/R&B recording artist T-Pain who elaborated on the effect and made active use of Auto-Tune in his songs. He cites new jack swing producer Teddy Riley and funk artist Roger Troutman’s use of the Talk Box as inspirations for his own use of Auto-Tune. T-Pain became so associated with Auto-Tune that he had an iPhone App named after him that simulated the effect, called “I Am T-Pain”.

Eventually dubbed the “T-Pain effect”, the use of Auto-Tune became a popular fixture of late 2000s music, where it was notably used in other hip hop/R&B artists’ works, including Snoop Dogg’s single “Sexual Eruption”, Lil Wayne’s “Lollipop”,[26] and Kanye West’s album 808s & Heartbreak. In 2009, riding on the wave of Auto-Tune’s popularity, The Black Eyed Peas’ number-one hit, “Boom Boom Pow”, made heavy use of Auto-Tune on all the group’s vocals to create a futuristic sound.

Radiohead used Auto-Tune on their 2001 album Amnesiac to create a “nasal, depersonalised sound” and to process speech into melody. According to singer Thom Yorke, the software “desperately tries to search for the music in your speech, and produces notes at random. If you’ve assigned it a key, you’ve got music.”

Download Autotune Plugin For Fl Studio 20

The use of Auto-Tune in hip hop gained a resurgence in the mid-2010s, especially in trap music.[15] Hip hop artists like Future, Migos, Travis Scott, and Lil Uzi Vert use Auto-Tune to create a signature sound.

The effect has also become popular in raï music and other genres from Northern Africa. According to the Boston Herald, country stars Faith Hill, Shania Twain, and Tim McGraw use Auto-Tune in performance, calling it a safety net that guarantees a good performance. However, other country music singers, such as Allison Moorer, Garth Brooks, Big & Rich, Trisha Yearwood, Vince Gill and Martina McBride, have refused to use Auto-Tune.

Japanese idol band PassCode make heavy use of Auto-Tune.

The latest[when?] version of Auto-Tune is Auto-Tune Artist, which is optimized for low latency performance. The most popular version of Auto-Tune is Auto-Tune Pro,[citation needed] the third newest release.

Antares AutoTune 5 Free Download

So, let us now tell you how all of you can download antares autotune 5 free download. software from this website.

  1. Click on the Download Now button below.
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  5. As soon as you click on the Download Now button, the automatic file will start downloading after waiting for some time.
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