Begini Cara Mengganti Server Original Mobile Legends Berbeda dengan Arena of Valor (AOV) yang menggunakan server tersendiri di masing-masing region, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang adalah game MOBA mobile yang menggunakan server global. Hal ini memungkinkan kamu bisa bertemu dengan permain dari berbagai belahan dunia loh. China’s top mobile game is a complete League of Legends ripoff King of Glory looks so much like League that when you fade one screenshot into another most people won’t even notice. That being said, Mobile Legends has come up with a shameless but equally fun League of Legends clone with multi-player online gaming; and it should be said that it is up to par with its PC counterparts. The game lets you clash with up to 5 vs 5 players using tactical controls on your screen. Mobile Legends download for PC is here and it is free to play on your desktop! Get to join over millions of players in your region and engage in intense 5v5 competitive matches and dominate the rift. It is the casual MOBA game that requires little to no skill to fully enjoy the experience!

Play with others online in this game that is similar to League of Legends.

Mobile Legends features battles that are for five players against five players. The graphics are decent with a comic book quality. The controls on the screen are easy to follow, and there are a few special attacks that you have on hand to make defeating the enemy a bit easier. While playing with your character, you can help your team by improving the land.

While playing Mobile Legends, you can add minions to the team as well. You want to work on their skills as they will sometimes provide better protection than the teammates. You have a selection of several heroes to choose from, so it's not like you're working with characters you've never heard of before. There are several types of matches available. One is a match that will last for 10 seconds. It's full of excitement and sure to showcase the skills that you have in the game. Some of the matches will last for 10 minutes. You want to have stamina as some of the fighting can get a bit intense and confusing when several people are battling at one time.


  • Many heroes
  • Controls easy to handle
  • Various game play options


  • Lags with updates
Download game mobile legend china drama

About this Game

The game needs no introduction. Mobile Legends download for PC is here and it is free to play on your desktop! Get to join over millions of players in your region and engage in intense 5v5 competitive matches and dominate the rift. It is the casual MOBA game that requires little to no skill to fully enjoy the experience! Ready to play? Get Mobile Legends for PC right here.

Download Game Mobile Legend China Drama

Pic 1: Mobile Legends Characters (Freya, Alucard, Eudora, Helcurt)

Fast-Paced PvP, Play Mobile Legends on PC

Mobile Legends Bang Bang is a more streamlined and casual approach to the MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) genre. It’s you in a 5-man squad against a team of 5 players, all vying to take control of the map and destroy the rivaling team’s nexus first.

The Mobile Legends download on PC is purely a fast-paced online action RPG that does not need many skills to completely enjoy the game. It is one of the easiest MOBAs to get into if you find DotA 2 or League of Legends too hard.

Pic 2: Mobile Legends Gameplay Map

Streamlined Strategy

If you prefer action over strategy, Mobile Legends is your type of game. Sure, it does require some tactics but only to a minimum. You can finish a game within just 5 to 15 minutes depending on how dominating you can be over your enemies.

Think normal matches are too easy for you? Why not test your skills in Ranked Mode where only the best of the best can win. The higher your rank, the more street cred you get.

Pic 3: Discover and Connect with new Friends

More than A Hundred Heroes to Choose From

Choose your hero based on your playstyle. You can select from a roster of 100+ heroes that are all equally powerful as long as you can play them right. Whether you choose to become an Assassin, Fighter, Mage, Tank, Support, or Marksman, you will never run out of characters to play as. Best of all, they can all be obtained without paying money! /download-sfg-demo-software/.

Pic 4: Seasonal Skins of Alucard, Argus, Nana, Lesley

Built-In Artificial Intelligence Program ensuring no delays in gameplay

Fair plays are encouraged in Mobile Legends. Carry your team to victory. Wins are based on the team’s skills and abilities and not via paying for stats. The smart AI bot in MLBB would make sure that the game still goes on when one of your teammates is experiencing a connection failure, and that you would not be too handicapped with a missing player in the team.

How to Play Mobile Legends on PC

Click the Download button located on this page. Your browser will then download and install the Playstore. Wait until the set-up is finished, and it will install Mobile Legends PC version to your desktop. When the installation is finished, find the Mobile Legends icon on your desktop and double-click to play. You can transfer your game data as long as you log-in with your Moonton account.

Pic 5: Mobile Legends Gameplay / Controls with a virtual joystick and attack button

Trivia, Hacks, and Tips for Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Like a majority of other games, the Mobile Legends PC download is easy to get into but hard to master. Here are some tips and tricks that will help you git gud! Maybe not pro-level but at least good enough that you can get some victories under your belt.

Keep your eyes peeled at the game map during the game

Keep a lookout for where your teammates and opponents are so that you will be able to assist the teammates in need. The opponent’s hero and minion will be highlighted in red whereas your team members would be highlighted in blue. This is what you call “Map Awareness” when you play Mobile Legends on PC


Aim for the last hit

Always stay on hitting your opponent till the very end. By being the one causing the last damage on the hero/minion jungle monsters, the system will give you credit with more exp points and gold, which all goes into helping you inflict more damage on future enemies and the chance to upgrade your equipment.

Always read up on the new patch release notes

More often than not, there will be revamped heroes with new skills or balancing of the heroes’ abilities and damage. This may result in your current favorite hero becoming stronger or not inflicting as much damage as before. Get the latest updates on the release of the new Tank/Support hero right here! Read up on discussion forums such as Reddit to learn more about game strategies and comments about patches with other like-minded players. You can also check out our FAQ page for the answers to the most popular questions for Mobile Legends!

So what are you waiting for? Download Mobile Legends on PC now and experience unlimited MOBA action fun! Try out other multiplayer games such as Clash Royale and Bloons TD Battles.