This tutorial is for those who want to get started with OpenGL using Dev-C. OpenGL is open graphics library created by silicon graphics. It is the specification of some functions that let you draw some shape on the screen.This article makes use of library called GLUT,that works with OpenGL to create and maintain a window.

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graphics.h download
libbgi.h download

How do I use Borland Graphics Interface (graphics.h)?

For those of you migrating from Borland, you may be wondering where graphics.h is. Unfortunately, graphics.h is a Borland specific library and cannot be used with Dev-C++. Fortunately, a benevolent soul by the name of Michael Main has modified a BGI emulation library for Windows applications to be used under MinGW (and therefore Dev-C++) which he has aptly named WinBGIm.
The files we need are:
(download to C:Dev-Cppinclude)
(download to C:Dev-Cpplib)
After you have downloaded the files to the correct locations, you can now use WinBGIm’s graphic.h as you would Borland’s graphics.h with a few caveats.
Using library files:
First, you have to tell Dev-C++ where to find the library functions that WinBGIm references–this is done in the “Project Options” dialog box.
Here are instructions on how to do this with a new project:
• Go to “Project” menu and choose “Project Options” (or just press ALT+P).
• Go to the “Parameters” tab
• In the “Linker” field, enter the following text:
Project Options -> Parameters:

Download graphics library for dev c 2b 2b 4Download Graphics Library For Dev C%2b%2b

• Click “OK”.

Test code:

Just to make sure you’ve got everything set up correctly, try this test code in a new Dev-C++ WinBGIm project:

int main()
initwindow(400,300); //open a 400×300 graphics window
while(!kbhit()); //wait for user to press a key
closegraph(); //close graphics window
return 0;



int main()
initwindow(800,600); //open a 800×600 graphics window
while(!kbhit()); //wait for user to press a key
closegraph(); //close graphics window
return 0;

Graphics libraries

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Download Graphics Library For Dev C 2b 2b 1b

Download Graphics Library For Dev C++ Pc Windows

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