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These are R4DS - NDS ROM 'clean dumps' - that is unaltered backups of DS game cartridges for use on R4 DS and R4i DSi flash cards and NDS emulators. Play them with a NDS Emulator or one of the DS Flash Cards

Also take a look at our direct download links and R4 DS RomSet downloads from DS Torrents with all the latest NDS / DSi games packed into sets of 100 files. Fifa 15 download free mac full version. (With torrents you can download all the romset or pick just the games you need)

R4 Card Menu Download

You can pick between a Nintendo DSi theme, a Nintendo 3DS theme, a R4 theme and an akmenu theme. You can load sub-themes off the SD card. DS Homebrew contains repositories to host R4 themes, akmenu themes, DSi themes and 3DS themes. For DSi users, if you have Unlaunch and HiyaCFW, TWiLight Menu can completely replace your System Menu.

following are eMule links that will work only if you have an eMule client installed.

1001 - Watashi no Relaxuma (J)
1002 - M&M's - Break'em (U)
1003 - Uno 52 (U)
1004 - Kakikomi Shiki Hannya Shinkyou Renshuu Chou DS (J)
1005 - D.Gray-Man - Kami No Shitotachi (J)
1006 - ToonDoku (U)
1007 - Wi-Fi Taiou - Sekai no Daredemo Asobi Taizen (J)
1008 - Lise No Atelier Ordre No Renkinjutsushi (J)
1009 - Nodame Cantabile (J)
1010 - San - X - Chara Sagashi Land (J)
1011 - Theme Park (E)
1012 - Diddy Kong Racing (E)
1013 - Zendoku (E)
1014 - Classic Action Devil (U)
1015 - Pokemon Diamond (U)
1016 - Pokemon Pearl (U)

1017 - Asonde Igo ga Tsuyoku naru!! Ginsei Igo DS (J)
1018 - Final Fantasy XII - Revenant Wings (J)
1019 - Chicken Little - Uchuu Saikyou No Team (J)
1020 - Gakuen Alice - Waku Waku Happy Friends (J)
1021 - Little Mermaid - Ariel No Umi No Takaramono (J)
1022 - My Melody Angel Book (J)
1023 - Unou Tanren Unotan DS Shichida Shiki Otona no Sokudoku Training (J)

Download R4 Ds Menu

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Copy these game roms to one of the R4 DS ROM cards and play on Nintendo DS original, DSLite, DSi or DSiXL. For DSi and XL You will need one of the latest (i) compatible R4i SDHC or AceKard 2i cards, when as any card will work on the older NDS and DSL.

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NDS ROMs - Games for Nintendo R4 DS flash cards*

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* Nintendo R4i SDHC and R4DS Cards use the EXACT SAME ROM as NDS Emulators

You can have ONE R4 DS (or R4i for DSi) cartridge with all these games on it: Pokemon,Dragon Quest,Art Academy,Mario Kart,Pokemon Soul Silver,Zelda,Tetris,Pokemon Diamond,Final Fantasy,Pokemon Black & White,New Super Mario Bros. Download the games-> Copy to microSD card -> Play on NDS or DSi XL.

Select the game you want to play from the menu and play it the same way as you would play a regular store bought cart - save games and online multiplayer works the same

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R4 Menu Download

NDS Roms Clean dumps game backups for Emulators and R4 flash cards (not pached in any way)

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