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  2. Download Video Hider App For Android Download

Video Hide App Download For Android

Download Video Hider App For Android

Download Video Hider App For Android Download

Download Vault-Hide SMS, Pics & Videos for Android for free, without any viruses, from Uptodown. Try the latest version of Vault-Hide SMS, Pics & Videos 2020 for Android. 10+ Best Android Apps To Hide Photos & Videos. So, in this case, having a third party photo & video vault or a simple photo locker seems to be the best option. Phatom forces hack mac. Photo vault apps work the same way as the App lockers. Therefore, in this article, we have decided to list out some of the best Android apps that can help you to hide photos & videos at. Behringer bcd3000 mapper virtual dj download.

Video Hider locks private videos and photos securely via PIN code & encryption. It is the safest place for storing sensitive files. Now you can share your phone without worrying about any privacy problems.
📣100% FREE & No Feature Limited
Video Hider offers everything you want. It supports unlimitedly creating secret folders and importing files. And the app disappears from the recent list to leave no trace. More user-friendly features deserve your try.
● Files protection: Hidden photos & videos only can be accessed with the correct PIN code.
● No limitation of free folders, videos & photos.
● Album lock: Set individual PIN to lock down particular albums.
● Inbuilt video player: Support ALL formats, including MKV, MP4, M4V, AVI etc.
● Disappear from recent apps list, no trace.
🔐Easy Files Management:
● Support SD card: Hide pictures and videos from SD card.
● Direct sharing and locking: Share files to other apps and lock files from Gallery and other apps directly.
● Fast bulk lock: Keep safe dozens of files in seconds.
Coming soon:
+ Fake cover: App disguised behind a simple calculator, and no one will find it is a photo vault.
+ Incognito browser & downloader: Look through private websites and download photos & videos into Video Hider safely without trace.
+ Multiple lock options: Pattern, Fingerprint etc.
+ Break-in alerts: Capture intruders' selfies who try to open your video locker with wrong PIN.
+ Hide app icon: Can not be found on your phone.
+ Face-down auto lock: Screen locks automatically when your phone faces downward.
+ Slideshow.
How to use:
Create Video & Photo Vault
1. Open Video Hider, then tap the PLUS icon at the bottom;
2. Create folder and name it;
3. Select files, then put them into the photo vault.
Hide Pictures & Videos in Video Hider
1. Tap the PLUS icon at the bottom;
2. Tap “Import file” and choose an album;
3. Select files, then put them into the video locker.
Hide Pictures & Videos From Other Apps
1. Tap the SHARE icon, when viewing pictures or videos;
2. Select Video Hider from the list of apps;
3. Video Hider will keep safe pictures and videos in your vault.
Prevents Video Hider app from being error uninstalled by cleaner apps or others.
This app uses the Device Administrator permission. And you can disable it any time.
Don’t uninstall Video Hider before unhiding your private files otherwise they will be lost forever. You can activate “Protection” in settings to prevent error uninstall caused by cleaner apps or others. If you have any other problems, please check the FAQs in Help inside the app, or contact us at [email protected]>