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Hi to everyone! Zuma Revenge is here.

You are looking for a full screen cool game free for online playing? Meet our updated version of classical Zuma game truly having its fans all over the world – Zuma Revenge! Charming Aztec World, new high-definition graphics and specially designed difficult levels are here to satisfy anyone.

Download Zuma Revenge 2014 for iOS to zuma is one of the most challenging and addictive game ever. The purpose of this game is to find the secrets of Zuma and protect the ancient.

Zuma Revenge bonuses

The big bonuses you are getting on this page is that the game is absolutely free for online playing and you can start without download. The game is perfect for full screen, so get started right now and share your experience with your friends! Remember to put it to your bookmarks, so you can reach it on any device.

Download Zuma Revenge Full Version For Free

Hot to play Zuma Revenge

You will not believe, but it has never been so easy! You need to follow these 2 steps:

Download Zuma Revenge Adventure

  1. use the Zuma frog to shoot the color balls and eliminate the color-ball rows by collecting 3 or more one-color balls in a row
  2. destroy all balls, not letting them to reach the scalp

/quality-wings-757-fsx/. Keep in mind, that each time the balls will be moving faster and faster, so you need to show good reaction and stay attentive in order to reach the next level!

While playing Zuma Revenge, collect the bonus balls which can give following opportunities:


Download Zuma Revenge Pc

  • Increase player’s score
  • Slow down the balls’ speed
  • Shooting arrow
  • Fast shooting

Download Zuma Revenge Apk

Zuma Revenge: stay tuned

Download Zuma Revenge Full

The more you play, the better level you gain! It might seem to be easy at the beginning on the first levels, but then it becomes truly challenging and we guarantee that you will like it!

So become a fan of Zuma Revenge, play it online in any place you want, add to your favorites, share your experience and scores with your friends. Zuma is created specially for you!