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MetSMART is powerful simulation software that can mass balance, model fit and simulate the behaviour of any ore body within a grinding & flotation plant.

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Modeling and Simulation of Minerals Processing with MetSMART Software

Simulate your whole plant from crushing through to flotation in ONE FLOWSHEET.

MetSMART can be used for a mix of studies, eg. detailed engineering, commissioning, pre-operations and operations support.

Mass Balancing
SAVE TIME with MetSMART’s powerful mass balancing tool
Purpose of Mass Balancing
• Keep track of your valuables:
– Analysis down to a particle size basis of streams around your plant
– Locate the particle size fraction your valuables are located in

• Pinpoint problems in your streams, ex: high recirculating loads.

FAST Mass Balancing with METSMART

• Copy & Paste survey data into MetSMART in one click0003- Press BalSMART button
• After a few seconds, reconciled Mass Balance results are available0003- Export results (tables, graphs) to Excel, Word, PDF
• The reporting is done automatically

SLOW Mass Balancing with Excel

• Manual entry of data into Excel (can take hours)
• Mass Balance
• Copy & Paste data into a report (up to 1 day)

MetSMART includes robust mathematical equipment models. Customization is available if you wish to have a specific model programmed in your version.
MetSMART’s models use all operating variables & predict all outputs on each equipment piece.
For example: MetSMART incorporates highly advanced SAG Mill and Cyclone models.

Minerality SAG Model
• The model is accurate over all mill loads and operating conditions.
• The model does not tie users to a specific laboratory test. This gives users more flexibility and makes it widely applicable.
• The model includes the effect of pulp lifters on slurry build-up in the mill.

Minerality Cyclone Model
• Different cyclones from different manufacturers behave differently. The constants in Minerality’s cyclone model determining the effect of changes in variables and dimensions are changeable to accurately model cyclones from different manufacturers.

MetSMART HIGHLIGHTS problem areas and gives ADVICE on how to solve issues

Double click to see what the problem is, and see advice on how to solve it.

Operation within acceptable parameters

Examples of the type of problems MetSMART HIGHLIGHTS

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• Slurry pooling in AG / SAG mills
• Inefficient recirculating loads
• Flowback from pulp lifters
• Gangue & valuables floating at the same rate
• Roping / Spraying cyclones
… and many more
MetSMART’s expert consulting advice to help you fix the problem

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Minerals Processing Simulation Scenario Videos
The Minerality Youtube Page is constantly updated with new simulation scenario videos.
Let us know if you have a specific scenario which we can simulate.


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