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One of the show-business legends alive, Elton John, was born in English town of Pinner and was named at birth as Reginald Kenneth Dwight. The little genius started to play the piano at the age of three. He witnessed the divorce of his parents, but his stepfather managed to become a close friend of the gifted boy. The artist lived and studied in the native town until he was 15, working as a part-time musician in local pubs, but then left Pinner to make a career in business. Lg flash tool registration serial key. In 1964, he organized the Bluesology band. It reached moderate success during its short existence. After the group disbanded, Dwight decided to start the solo activity. Looking for a job, he came to the Liberty Records following their advertisement and got Bernie Taupin as a partner - who could expect, it was the beginning of their brilliant long-time cooperation. They have produced handfuls of hits for various musicians during several decades. However, the first release of Elton John himself (Dwight's scenic pseudonym) - Empty Sky of 1969 - was mainly unnoticed. Artist's sophomore attempt Elton John saw light in 1970 and featured the material that became classical for the singer for many years ahead - thrilling ballads and rock compositions with gospel elements.

The concert record Tumbleweed Connection followed that disc the same year. John's eccentric image, unusual glasses and manner of piano playing made musical critics furious, but earned the approval of such scene colleagues as Bob Dylan and Quincy Jones. Elton entered the history of 70's as the introducer of piano rock and performer of such rock hits as Rocket Man (Honky Chateau), Crocodile Rock and Daniel (both from the sparkling disc Don't Shoot Me I'm Just A Piano Player) and eternal composition Goodbye Yellow Brick Road. In the beginning of 70's, he officially changed his name for Elton Hercules John. He co-worked with such stars as The Who and The Beatles. However, after John revealed his bisexuality, the public accepted this fact sharply and the musician temporarily went on a hiatus. He came back with the album A Single Man, but it was perceived coldly. Nevertheless, he reunited with Taupin on the disc 21 AT 33 and came back on the top of the charts with the single Little Jeannie. In the middle of 80's, John lost the voice during touring and had to undergo the surgery on his throat. Years of drug and alcohol abuse also pelf their trail. However, the artist created brilliant albums with the unprecedented consistency and talent.

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The musician entered 90's after drastic physical and inner changes - he beat his bad habits in the clinics and recovered after a long depression. He also became the charity worker and made the fund of struggle with AIDS. The soundtrack to the Lion King cartoon with the rock ballad Can you Feel The Love Tonight as the clue composition can be considered as the most noticeable input of Elton John into the music of 90's. In 1994, the artist was inducted into the Hall Of Rock And Roll Fame and was knighted a year later. In 1997, his tribute to tragically deceased Princess Diana Candle In The Wind 1997 became the fastest - and biggest - selling song ever. Released in 2001, Songs From The West Coast with the piercing lead single This Train Don't Stop There Anymore was thought to be Elton's final album. However, in 2004 Peachtree Road became its follow-up. After the unhappy marriage of 80's, the artist made public his homosexuality and married his partner David Furnish in 2005. In 2006, the autobiographic album The Captain & The Kid was released, noticeable for its smash hit The Bridge. Later the same year, Elton John issued the collection of his eternal songs Rocket Man: The Definitive Hits. The very interesting album titled The Union created by Elton John and Leon Russell was released in 2010. This studio attempt was critically acclaimed and debuted at the third position in Billboard 200, which is a great proof of its highest level. There is no doubt that The Union will please the singer’s old fans and those who are just going to get acquainted with his creativity.

Studio Albums

The Captain & The Kid
The songs on the new album The Captain And The Kid tell about the lives of both Elton John and his long-time friend and creative countrerpart lyricist Bernie Taupin, and for the first time there are both of them on the album's cover

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