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  1. Flirt4 Performer Application V4 » Studios Flirt 4 Free Model Log In Use of Studio 3 and the Cyclefit studio are free of charge for Laurier Students and This space can be booked at the Hawk Desk or online by signing in under Four Dance and Aerobic Studios.
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Unity’s flexible real-time development platform offers incredible possibilities for all industries and applications.

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Flirt4 Performer Application V4 Download

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NameDescriptionLast Updated
RZI Report ToolRZI Report Tool software utility03/12/2020
SAS-FWSmall Analog (SAS) Application Code Firmware v4.2008/19/2019
FX-CU Configuration Utility v4.20FX System Programming Utility v4.2008/19/2019
FUU Firmware Update Utility v4.20FX Addressable panel firmware update utility (compatible with panels that have firmware versions 4.0 or later)08/19/2019
FX-CU Release Notes v4.20FX-CU v4.20 and FX panel firmware v4.20 software release notes08/19/2019
FUU Firmware Update Utility Release Notes v4.20FUU V4.20 software release notes08/19/2019
SDC-FW Small Analog (SAS) Loop Card Firmware V1.1105/10/2018
FX-CU Configuration Utility V3.5FX system programming utility V3.5 (released Nov 2013)10/16/2017
FX-CU Release Notes V3.5FX-CU V3.5 and FX panel firmware V2.3 software release notes10/16/2017
FUU Firmware Update Utility V4.0FX addressable panel firmware update utility (compatible with panels that have firmware versions 4.0 or later)10/16/2017
FUU Firmware Update Utility Release Notes V4.0FUU V4.0 software release notes10/16/2017
Device Internal Fault PackagePackage to address FX addressable panel device internal restoration issue. Includes required V1.0 FUU firmware update utility, V2.31 application code, V4.1 FX-CU configuration utility, tech facts bulletin.10/16/2017