1. How To Unlock Superchips Flashpaq For Free Windows 10
04-16-2017, 05:35 AM

How To Unlock Superchips Flashpaq For Free Windows 10

/modo-bass-free-vst-download-13859/. So I got my Flashpaq in the mail today and have been trying to tune my jeep since 6:30 with no luck. It will read my ecu, then tell me f5 needs an update. I updated the flashpaq before I even plugged it into the jeep. When I go to the ignition updater, it keeps showing the vin lock needs to be.

Superchips Flashpaq 1840 Good Idea?
When towing our 10,000# travel trailer up miles long steep grades in Col and Ariz my F350 dually 7.3 is doggy, and I am thinking the 60hp and a tad more torque this tuner offers is all I need. I only have about 100k on the truck and would like to keep it a long time, so the last thing I want is to stress it. Think old guy who sent thrill driving to the junk yard with the two motorcycles he crashed.
I have a transmission gauge but no EGT gauge. If I keep the revs up around 2500 and don't push it as hard as it will go I'm probably okay without one but will buy one if you all think it's necessary.
What do you think of this tuner? I've never had one and don't want to spend the money if it really won't help or might shorten the life of the engine.
Only mods are a Ford/Donaldson AIS, 6.0 cooler and a Pacbrake that stops me from changing the stock exhaust. I wish I had done that before installing the Pacbrake.
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  • Superchips vin unlock hack, superchips vin unlock hack. Superchips vin lock hack - Home - Nesat.net. Superchips vin lock hack, superchips vin lock hack. Anyone know how to unlock a vin locked superchips hand held? The tool I got it from sold the truck it is locked to and superchips wants $100 to unlock it.