1. PC Matic doesn’t have phone support or a human live chat, but they do have a live chat bot, email support, a wide range of user tutorials, and a user forum. The live chat bot on the official website is useful only if you have basic questions about PC Matic, like how to add PC Matic to a new device or how to renew the PC Matic license.
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MYRTLE BEACH, S.C., Oct. 1, 2019 /PRNewswire/ - Today, PC Matic, the world's only 100% American-made antivirus software, announced strategic consolidation efforts with its parent company, PC Pitstop.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about PC Matic? You may be able to find the answer among our FAQs below!

I just purchased PC Matic, now what do I do?

Congratulations! You just took a major step towards securing your devices from today's newest threats. After purchasing PC Matic, the first step is to begin installing it on each device that you want to protect. You can follow along with instructions in the Add a Device section of this page, or watch our Installation Tutorial for a detailed walkthrough.

How do I login to PC Matic?

To login to PC Matic and register your computer, open PC Matic and look in the lower-left corner of the PC Matic window. Click the word 'Login' and enter the email address and password you set up for your account. You can also follow along with our Login Tutorial. If you need to reset your password, Click Here.

How can I tell if PC Matic is protecting me?

I Have Serial Key For Pc Matic

PC Matic's realtime protection component is called SuperShield. When installed, you will see a small shield icon inside the system tray of your computer. Look in the lower right-hand corner of your desktop and click the small arrow to expand the tray. If the SuperShield icon is green, you are currently protected. Learn More

How do I install PC Matic?

To install PC Matic, visit the Add a Device section of this page and choose the operating system that you are looking to install on. Once you select your operating system, follow the steps laid out to download the PC Matic installer, and complete the installation on your device. You can follow along with our tutorial video as well.

How do I run a PC Matic scan?

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After PC Matic has been installed, you must run an initial scan and clean to remove any potential threats on your system. After this scan completes, you can create a scheduled scan to continue scanning your computer every week. Follow along with our Scan Quick Start video to learn how to scan your devices.

I need to update my PC Matic Account.

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I Have Serial Key For Pc Matic

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To adjust information on your PC Matic account such as billing information, updating your email, changing auto-renewal settings, and more, visit our Account Update page and login with your PC Matic account. For more information about this process, follow along with our video tutorial.