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1. Most Recent Free PC Download Games

New Games Added Daily!

Pixel Art 26

Pixel Art is back again! Enjoy the next exciting chapter in the Pixel Art Series! Pixel Art 26!

Golden Rails 2 Small Town Story Collector's Edition

Tame the Wild West in an adventure for all ages! In Golden Rails: Small Town Story CE

Art By Numbers 9

Complete incredible works of art and become the artist!

Gaslamp Cases - The Deadly Machine

Help Morgan to solve the mysterys of London in Gaslamp Cases - The Deadly Machine

The Christmas Spirit: Grimm Tales Collector's Edition

A Christmas Calamity in Fairytale land! Find out more in The Christmas Spirit: Grimm Tales CE

Travel To Germany

Get ready to celebrate Christmas in Germany! Enjoy Travel To Germany.

Fright Chasers - Thrills, Chills and Kills Collector's Edition

You're in for a wild ride! In Fright Chasers: Thrills, Chills and Kills Collector's Edition

PuppetShow: Fatal Mistake Collector's Edition

Your professor's been kidnapped! Help him in PuppetShow: Fatal Mistake Collector's Edition

Mystic Diary: Haunted Island

Stop a magician's ghost and free the trapped souls in Mystic Diary - Haunted

Mystic Diary: Missing Pages

Help a magician save the world!

Boon Boon

Collect candies and bring them to Luna to win her heart in Boon Boon!

Adventures of Megara: Antigone and the Living Toys Collector's Edition

Reveal the living toys'secret in Adventures of Megara: Antigone and the Living Toys CE

2. Most Popular Download Games

download free. full version games for your PC


Let your imagination fly and build your own world in Minecraft!


World of Tanks

World of Tanks is a well made and challenging multiplayer action game!

Text Twist

Word game lovers and Boggle fans will enjoy the educational fun found in Text Twist 2!

Big Fish Casino

Play Online Texas Hold'em, Blackjack, Roulette and the Slot Machines for Free!

Pocket Tanks

Choose Your Weapons, Aim Your Guns, And Eliminate Your Enemy!

Open Yahtzee

Test Your Luck and Strategy in This Classic Dice Game!

World of Warships

Slow and Steady Wins the day in World of Warships


The Most Popular Board Game Ever Created - Cool Animated Graphics & Customizable Rules!

Dig Dug

Here is the Exact Arcade Version of Dig Dug!

RollerCoaster Tycoon 2

Create Your Very Own Amusement Parks With This Excellent Simulation!


The Official Version of the Classic Arcade Game!

Bejeweled 2 Deluxe

Possibly the Greatest Puzzle Game Ever Created!

3. Free Mobile Games

The very best free mobile games to play on your android or iOS phone or tablet!

Primrose Lake: Twists of Fate

Primrose Lake: Twists of Fate sees the return of Jenny and Jessica along with the entire, quirky cast of characters from Welcome to Primrose Lake.

Jewel Quest Seven Seas

The ultimate Jewel-matching adventure is hitting the high seas

Illusion Connect

Anime RTS Illusion Connect Launches with a Host of Rewards and In-Game Events

Second Galaxy

A new galaxy awaits in this open world MMO Sci-Fi adventure

Creative Destruction Bumblebee

In Creative Destruction, you will embark on a winner-takes-all slugfest and show'em what you could be.

Life After

LifeAfter is a mobile MMO about surviving a zombie apocalypse

Marvel Battle Lines

Plunge into MARVEL Battle Lines. As Super Heroes & Villains unite in this fast paced action card game


Engage up to 100 other players in a battle for survival.

Word U

Spell Good, Spell Hard, and Spell Fast!

Candy Crush Friends Saga

Mix, match and crush candy with all your friends.

Cubis Kingdoms

Match the Cubes, Gather the Elements, and Save the Kingdom!

GhostBusters World

Play Ghostbusters World to Bust and Collect Ghosts in AR

Cyber Hunter

Play Cyber Hunter and enjoy the next big battle royale game on mobile


BirdsIsle for iOS is your next match-three puzzling obsession

Happy Glass

Draw your way through over 500 puzzles.

Battle Boom

Play Battle Boom and annihilate the enemy army with superior tactics and firepower.

Rise Up

Play Rise Up and see how high you can go in these dangerous and treacherous skies.

Helix Jump

Play Helix Jump and see how far you can fall down this tall and ever-changing tower labyrinth.

Love Balls

Play Love Balls and use your drawing skills to unite every star-crossed lover in this challenging physics-based puzzler.

Kleptocats 2

Decorate your house with your pets and their stolen goods.

Maggie's Movies - Camera, Action!

Fulfil your dreams and join the movie industry!

Illusion Connect

A new world awaits in this Bishoujo collecting strategy RPG

Golf Clash

Go golfing with friends and strangers alike.

Stickman Soccer 2018

An easy-to-grasp arcade form of soccer with touchscreen led controls

4. Play Angry Birds Demos - Play the most popular games in the Angry Birds series!

Angry Birds

Catapult birds towards filthy, thieving swine! (PC)

Angry Birds Star Wars

Use lightsabers, blasters, and the Force to defeat the Empire! (PC)

Angry Birds Space

Destroy all space pigs in this epic puzzle game! (PC)

Bad Piggies

Roll through the levels in your own custom-made vehicles! (PC)

Angry Birds Seasons

Celebrate the holidays with new pig-crushing levels! (PC)

Angry Birds Star Wars II Mobile

Use the force to win this galaxy-spanning war!

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Story-driven games where you explore, find objects, & solve puzzles to progress!


Action oriented games that range from classic style arcade games to the latest and greatest!


Some of the best board games ever made for play on your computer!


A variety of different card game types from Solitaire to Poker!


Computer versions of one of the world's most famous games. A great way to practice or compete!


Family themes, fun for a wide age range of players, and good options to play with your kids.


Games that range from relaxing fun to those that will stretch your mind! Very popular game type.

Racing & Driving

Hit the track for top speed or drive on city streets and highways.


Explore huge worlds, advance your character, find great items, and experience great stories.


Games that mimic real life in some way from business to politics to human behavior!

War & Strategy

Military themed games that range from action to strategy and everything in between!


Create words and use letters to solve puzzles and other challenges.

Sub Categories


General category for side scrolling adventure, fighting, or other arcade games.

Action & Shooter

Reflex based games focused on fighting and combat


Games that involve taking care of animals or animals as main characters.

Business Simulation

Games focused on improving a business financially through good decisions.


Fun learning games for kids from preschool on up!

Hidden Object

Find a list of objects or clues hidden in a larger picture or scene.

Just for Fun

Just for fun games for kids (and kids at heart).

Match 3

Move or launch objects on a grid to match 3 or more. Simple and popular.

Misc. Puzzle

Variety of creative and unique puzzle games that don't fit in other categories.

People Simulation

Manage the lives of people in various situations and help them succeed!

Real Time Strategy

Real time strategy games make you plan while the action is happening!


Games where the main goal is to shoot lots and lots of stuff! /lumion-8-activation-code-free-download/.

Sports Simulation

Games that bring the fun of competitive and hobby sports to your computer!


Emphasizing strategy and thinking over fast reflexes Iphone unlock v4 software serial key.

Task Management

Handle multiple tasks at once like customer service or pet care. Fast paced.

Various Simulation

Games that simulate real life from driving vehicles to politics and much more.

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Most Popular Word Games

Rainbow Web 3

I Want To Download Games For Free For Pc

Collect Rainbow Dust to Restore the City and Defeat the Wicked Spider!

Lexigo RUSH!

Rush to find as many words as you can!


The Most Popular Word Making Board Game Available for PC!


Play the Truest Digital Adaptation of Scrabble on the Go!

Words With Friends Free

Test Your Vocabulary and Spelling Skills Against Other Players Anytime and Anywhere!

Scramble With Friends Free

Compete Against Thousands of Players in the Online Arena for Fast-Paced Spelling!

4 Pics 1 Word

Find the Common Link that Binds the Four Pictures Together!

Word Jong

Like Mahjong and Scrabble in 1 game!

Flip Words 2

Prove Your Mettle Against Others in the Ring of Spelling!

Babel Deluxe

Build the Tower of Babel by solving word puzzles - 25 different mini-games to play!

All Word Games

  • 10.0 = DFG Review Score

  • NA = Not Reviewed Yet

  • New! = Games listed in the last 30 days

  • = Mobile Games

4 Pics 1 Word

Find the common link that binds the four pictures together!

Aqua Words

Make words out of fun bubble letters.

Babel Deluxe

Play 25 different word puzzles in 1 game!

Big Kahuna Words

Fantastic undersea word making! Earn fish for your reef.

Bonnie's Bookstore

Help Bonnie write a best-selling kid's book!

Family Feud

Get the hit game show now for play on PC!

Family Feud Online Party

Play with players worldwide in teams or head to head!

Flip Words

Use letters to solve Wheel of Fortune type puzzles!

Flip Words 2

Prove your mettle against others in the ring of spelling!

Great Wall of Words

Link letters to form words and rebuild the Great Wall of China!

Heads Up!

Ellen's popular word guessing game is now a mobile app!

Hidden Object Crosswords

Crosswords and hidden object games together in one package!

Jig Words

Rearrange letters to unveil neat photos!


I want to download games on my imac

Triple Word Score! Play Scrabble for free on PC!


Play the truest digital adaptation of Scrabble on the go!

Scramble With Friends Free

Compete against thousands of players in the online arena for fast-paced spelling!

Super Letter Linker

Form words in all directions to propel to the next level!

Super Text Twist

Boggle-like word game that you may feel the urge to keep playing

Super What Word

Link the letter balls to form words.

Super Wild Wild Words

A great blend of Hangman and Boggle!

Text Twist 2

For word game lovers and Boggle fans!

Trivia Crack

A fun and fast-paced game that anyone can pick up and play!

Typer Shark Deluxe

Learn to be an excellent typer and have a great time doing it!


Looking for a fun little word game with lots of content? Check out TypeShift.

Wheel of Fortune

Join Pat and Vanna as you solve word puzzles!

Word Cookies

Word Cookies isn't much of a challenge.

Word Jong

2 classic casual games into 1, a mix of Scrabble and Mah Jong!

Word Search Deluxe

Challenge yourself to a word search!

Word Slinger

A super fun blend of Scrabble and Crosswords!

Word Web Deluxe

Destroy the invading spiders by making words

Words With Friends Free

Test your vocabulary and spelling skills against other players anytime and anywhere!

Learn About Word Games

What Are Word Games?

Word games are puzzles that rely upon a player’s language ability to solve them. They can be competitive games where one player’s skill is pitted against another’s as in Hangman, Scrabble or charades; or they may have a player to solve the puzzle creator’s challenge like in crosswords.

Word games are found in almost all written languages and are widely regarded as both entertainment and education. Media has helped to promulgate their popularity: the crossword is a fixture of almost all daily newspapers, the word puzzler is a regular feature on many National Public Radio shows, while television has spawned the mega-hit “Wheel of Fortune”, a variation on the classic game of Hangman.

Word games can be classified into three categories: games in which paper and pen are used to solve the puzzle; games in which letter tiles or dice – either real or virtual – are rearranged to find or create words; and games in which words are either implied or enacted. Additionally there are various types of “word play” type games like puns, acronyms and double entendres that writers occasionally incorporate into their work as sport for their readers.

Games that use paper and pencil include crosswords and the word jumble (sometimes called “word search”), as well as Hangman, a popular word guessing game. Games that use tiles and dice to rearrange words include Parker Brothers’ popular Scrabble and Boggle, Perquackey and Facebook’s Scramble. Games in which words are implied or enacted include riddles, charades, Fictionary and Parker Brothers’ Pictionary

The History of Word Games

Riddles are the oldest known word games, and arguably still the most popular. “Who becomes pregnant without conceiving, who becomes fat without eating,” asks a Babylonian cuneiform. The answer? A rain cloud.

Charades dates to 16th century when it was one of the parlor games popular at the French court.

Games that depend upon spelling skills became popular with the rise of mass literacy and spelling standardization in the 19th century. The origins of Hangman are shrouded in mystery, but a description of the game’s rules first appeared in a 1894 book called “Traditional Games” where it was called “Birds, Beasts and Fishes.”

Word square games have been found in the ruins of Pompeii, but the first recognizable crossword – a four by four grid with horizontal and vertical clues – appeared in the Italian magazine Il Secolo Illustrato della Domenica in 1894. Twenty-one years later the first “wordcross” was published in the New York World newspaper. “Wordcross” became “crossword” in a typesetter’s mistake. The puzzle quickly became a craze, driving newspaper circulation around the world and springing up in every language that uses an alphabet. Simon and Schuster brought out the first crossword puzzle book in 1924 – it came with a pencil; and The New York Times began publishing its venerable puzzle in 1942. Today it’s been estimated that some 40 million Americans enjoy crossword puzzles for recreation.

Scrabble was the brainchild of a Depression-era architect who couldn’t find work. Alfred Mosh Butts analyzed the frequency with which letters appear in the English language to come up with distribution and point value for his lettered tiles. The original game called “Lexiko” used a hundred squares and did not catch on until James Brunot, one of the original investors, bought the exclusive rights to manufacture the game, simplified the rules, and changed its name to “Scrabble.” The game became a hit after the president of Macy’s began stocking it in his department store. In 1971, the first national Scrabble tournament was played. The first Official Scrabble Players Dictionary was published in 1978.

Boggle was invented in 1972 by Alan Turoff. Very little is known about his inspirations. The game was not a hit with players, however, until Parker Brothers relauched it in 1976 with an extremely popular advertising campaign.

Who Will Like These Games?

Word game aficionados come from every walk of life. What they share is a love for puzzles and for language. Word games are the nexus where visual and linguistic skills meet. For the very young, word games provide a stealthy form of education, teaching as they entertain. For older players word games can be both a social recreation and a solitary passion and a great way both to improve vocabulary and keep the mind sharp.