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Igi 1 Directx Download For Android Pc

If we see in past then there would be a lot of examples of excellence in video game history that have put the foundations of current video games that have extra ordinary features. At the time in 1990s and early 2000s when technology was not at the level where it is now, a name in that era must shake your memory, IGI video game; every one of those times must remember excellent game of its time. This game was also called ‘’Project IGI.I’m Going In’’. This game was made by Innerloop Studios and introduced by Eidos Interactive in late 2000.

Igi 1 Directx Download For Android Pc

This is a first person shooter (FPS) action game that involves combating and involves 4 weapons which are a knife and three guns held by the player. During the mission if ammo runs down then you can get it from the enemies you killed as the ammo does not disappear. During the mission when you screen the area you get medical kits for improving the health of your player. The IGI video game was highly appreciated game of its time as it had totally different gameplay among other FPS video games at that time.

After its release in no time this video game got positive reviews from all around the world media and unfortunately it could not become the million seller game but still it earned a good name in combating action games of early 2000s and even it is still loved by those who have encountered and experience with its gameplay. At this platform you can get IGI 1 video game full version and download it free of cost.

Plot of the game

Here in this game you play as a commando naming David Jones who is a military officer and sent as an agent to neutralize a Russian arms dealer, Jach Pritboi, who presumably is involved in the theft of nuclear warhead and extract the information about the warhead as it is threatening for the United States of America. So the story proceeds and he captured Priboi and took him in a helicopter but when he was taking it with him the Russians attacked and shot the copter down so capturing the Priboi and making Jones to loss his all equipment. Now the climax starts from here and Jones has to find a way to go back and find his equipment. During his search he finds that Ekk was responsible for all the happenings.

Now the Jones started to find Ekk for taking his revenge. During his first ambush Ekk got success in fleeing but in the next attack he killed her and took his warhead. The weapons like Draunov , MP5 and Bazooka makes the things look very cool.


There are total of 14 missions in the game that take Jones in stages towards the warhead and his enemies gradually step by step. The player starts with 4 weapons 1 knife and three guns. There are also a binoculars and a map which shows your targets and the area you have cleared. When your player explores the location he finds ammo, grenades and medical kits. Ammo and guns can only be taken from the enemies you have killed. So you have to be patient and clear one by on all the enemies.

The game is based on stealth missions so you have to hide every time and do your work keeping yourself unseen. There are cameras and alarms installed all around. You can hack the security cameras by entering into the control room but these remain hacked for a specific time period which is unknown and these cameras can restart working at any time so you have to be careful. The alarms installed on the site can also be disabled by the buttons scattered there but these can still make sound if the enemy is gets alert enough. Autodesk autocad 2015 activation code.

Features of Project IGI

Excellent FPS game

First person shooting is awesome and it is a good example of FPS video games.

Kind of the game

This video game is a Tactical based shooting game, and it involves stealth action and shooting.


The game has a good mature rating.

Open world environment

This game is in the large open-world setting, and has been generated by the capable Joint Strike Fighter engine.

Detailed visual rendering

For outdoor and indoor scenarios in this game has a detailed visual rendering. Also the difference in both open environments and urban complexes is evident.

Unique missions

It involves a Single player campaign, which consists of 14 long and varied missions.

No extra input devices are needed

This game is optimized for keyboard and mouse gameplay and there is no need to get any other input device for playing this video game.

Very low system requirements

This game can easily be run on modern Windows OS (XP, 7, Vista, 8 and 10) and with incredibly modest system requirements.

Free to play

Free to try under the Shareware license!

Compelling gameplay

The gameplay of this gaem is highly engaging and interesting and one can hardly ignore it.


A wide range of weapons included.

Some Disappointing Things With Some Good News

There are some uncomfortable things that must be shared with you;

In this gem the enemies are in a pathetic situation like they have a limited sight range and also sound range. If a non-silenced gun is fired in a faraway place then they cannot hear it. And also they cannot see a dead body if it is far enough. And if we thalk about the alarms that are also not in position to alert all the enemies so this resembles in that way with a game of this era naming Commandos.

Igi 1 Download For Pc Windows 10

Another considerable issue in this game that hurts the most, is the absence of game saving and there are no checkpoints installed where the game gets saved. So whenever your player dies during a mission, the game will restart from the start of this mission regardless of the success you have got the entire mission and everything would be washed off and this is really disappointing. And most of the missions are long enough, that all progress you made can be destroyed in a single moment. But good news is that the IGI-2 Covert Strike contains the save game option as this was really missed by the lovers of this game.

There is no multi player mode in this game as this game is with stealthy gameplay then the presence of more than one player will help you in attaining your targets. Btu this deficiency has been addressed in IGI-2 Covert Strike knowing the demand of the fans.

How to Download IGI 1 Full Version

Here you can get Project IGI also called IGI-1 setup free and can download full game and can install on your PC to experience its unending highly engaging gameplay. So click on the following link for download.

Project IGI Recommended System Requirements

Igi 1 Free Download Setup

  • CPU: Pentium 4 with 1.2GHz Processor
  • RAM: 512 MB Ram
  • GPU: 128MB3D Accelerated Video card
  • OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista Windows 7/8/10
  • Sound: DirectX-compatible sound card
  • Storage: 2000 MB minimum


This is a great game of its era and it has a nostalgic effect on all the people of that era and makes them to remember their childhood. This game has a good engaging action gameplay that lets no one to get entangles in its awesome game plot and the unique and interesting missions. all the missions of this video game unfold the story gradually.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are There Any Other Versions of Project IGI?

Yes there is another version of Project IGI which is IGI-2 Covert Strike and another version that is IGI-3 Is underway and is expected to get released in 2021.

What Is The Size Of IGI?

The zipped file size of Project IGI full game setup is around 232MB. And this game can easily be played on current PC and laptops and if you have old system like Pentium era then the system requirements has been given above follow them. This game does not demand you high system requirements and can be easily played on current systems that have much more abilities that it requires. This is an excellent game and involves good tactical shooting and combating. The weapons used are also impressive.