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Latest Version?
Production release - V5.4.1.0
Beta release - None available

DataLoad Classic

DataLoad Classic can be downloaded and used as you wish - it is absolutely free
DataLoad Professional
Convert DataLoad to the Professional version and benefit from significantly faster & more reliable loads in Self Service & core forms or direct in to Oracle databases

DataLoad Classic

DataLoad Classic is free to download and use. Click on the link below for more information and to download the latest version of the software. The new features in recent versions of DataLoad can be viewed here.

DataLoad Professional

Recommended for users who need to load larger volumes of data or perform more complex loads where reliability is important, DataLoad Professional includes extensive features not available in DataLoad Classic. Follow the link below for pricing details.

DataLoad Professional can be downloaded from the link below. This version will revert to 'Classic' for those users who do not have a Professional license. To minimise the download size the installer does not include DataLoad Scripting. However, this can be downloaded during the install when prompted by the installer or it can be manually downloaded and installed using the link below. The new features in recent versions of DataLoad can be viewed here.

DataLoad Beta Release

Index Of Software Download

No beta release is currently available for download.

Pre-Built Spreadsheets

Save more time by using a pre-built spreadsheet for your migration, rather than creating a new one. The DataLoad user community has submitted many spreadsheets used in past projects, which are free to download and use.


Quick Start User Guide

This 'DataLoad for Dummies' user guide is a useful Quick Start guide to creating Macros for people new to DataLoad.

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Download Quick Start User Guide (Adobe Acrobat .pdf file, 28k)

Index.html Software Download

DataLoad Classic & Professional - The original DataLoader for Oracle Cloud Applications (Fusion), Oracle E-Business Suite and Oracle Forms.
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