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What to find out about the Indigo Kodi add-on and why it has become a standard supplement for the media streaming platform? Here’s all that you need to know about Indigo add-on for Kodi and how you can install it right now.

Right from the inception of the Kodi media player, or the Xbox Media Player (XBMC) as it was known as back in the day, it has been a hit among users. Whether it is the versatility of having every major codec being playable from a single media streaming platform or the simplified user interface that makes all of the elements easy to get around, Kodi media player has found its place among every major smart device that exists out there in the wild.

A large chunk of credit for the viral popularity that the Kodi media player has enjoyed over the past decades, can be accounted to the Kodi add-ons that have brought in more features than ever thought possible. From allowing users to stream premium quality moves and TV shows with Kodi, to enjoying sports and live radio from any network station in the world – Kodi add-ons have been pivotal in allowing the XBMC community to grow and flourish.

About the Indigo Kodi Add-on

#10) Select begin-here and then plugin.program.indigo-4.0.8.zip. Click OK to install it and wait until you see the addon enabled notification. #11) Go to the Kodi addons tab and open the Indigo addon. #12) Select yes to the message that pops up. This will install the TVADDONS Repository and update important Kodi addon tools like URLResolver. How To Install The Indigo Add-on For Kodi. Installing the Indigo toolkit is just like installing any other add-on, in that you will first need to add a repository as a source (in this case, the fusion TV add-ons repository). Once that is done you can download Indigo, and then in future you can use Indigo to manage your add-on downloads. Return to Kodi home-screen and Click Add-Ons. Click the Open Package Icon. Click Install from zip file. Click begin-here. Click plugin.program.indigo.zip. Return to Kodi home-screen and under Add-Ons Click Indigo. Click Addon Installer. Click Git Browser. Click Git Browser again. In this tutorial, I will be showing you how to install the Github Browser add-on on Kodi 17 Krypton. This addon is a huge breakthrough for the Kodi community. For those of you who don’t know what Github is, it is a place where developers can upload their own code/addons.

Apart from a massive library of Kodi add-on that is hosted by the XBMC Foundation, the Kodi community, and several talented developers have been working on building a network of unofficial Kodi add-ons. This collection of Kodi add-ons may never receive the endorsement from the XBMC Foundation, but they’ve won the hearts of thousands of Kodi users all across the world, by bringing access to premium quality content to users for free.

One such timeless Kodi add-on has been Indigo, which is essentially a swiss army knife of Kodi add-ons that packs dozens on features under one roof. Since Kodi media player with its several hundreds of different settings can be confusing for even the avid users, Indigo add-on for the Kodi media player has been developed as a means to simplify the process of managing Kodi media player and its various elements the easiest, and most efficient way possible.


Features of Indigo Kodi Add-on

Config Wizard – Designed for the novice users who want to install several Kodi add-ons for entertainment at a single click. Consider it as a one-click solution to get started with the basic ones such as YouTube, BBC iPlayer, Adult Swim and several others.

Addon Installer – Consider this an in-house version of an app store dedicated to the Kodi media player for browsing through generally available add-ons. All of the add-ons are sourced from the official repository to ensure that only the latest version is available for download.

Maintenance Tools – An all-in-one toolkit to help you pinpoint and diagnose every minute to major bugs or issues with the Kodi media player. This element of the Indigo Kodi add-on will allow you to clear the cache of the system, force update Kodi add-ons that are already installed, delete thumbnails, fetch the crash logs, remove Kodi add-ons, install custom keymaps, and so much more.

Rejuvenate Kodi – The saved settings, sources, Kodi add-ons, stored files, and more removed from the system and the Config Wizard launches to help you start anew.

Factory Restore – This specific feature of Indigo add-on gives you a reset button that wipes all of the user data of the Kodi media player from the device, removing every Kodi add-on along with it.

Log Uploader – Built for expert users who want to dig deeper into the log files of the Kodi media player. The feature allows you to email the complete log file to the email address that you choose to enter into the field.

Network Speed Test – A built-in network testing tool that offers you the ability to check the quality of your network connection, verify the upload and download speed of the connection too.

System Information – A singular space that offers you all of the details that you need to know about the Kodi media player, along with the system disc space used, version of Kodi installed, and so much more.

Sports Listings – Dedicated to the sports buffs who also happen to be Kodi fans, the feature presents an entire schedule of sporting events that are to be played out each day.

Backup/Restore – If you are planning to perform a factory reset on the device that you have the Kodi media player installed, or wish to replicate the settings and installed Kodi add-ons to another device, this feature will allow you to create a full backup and restore it effortlessly.

Indigo Plugin For Kodi Download

Log Viewer – Gives you a window inside the log details of the Kodi app without having to exit it first.

No-Coin Scan – Developed as a means to deter repositories and Kodi add-ons from including cryptocurrency mining malware. The system will be scanned for mining adware and removed for Kodi to improve the user experience.

Notifications – A simple option that gives you the choice to either receive or blocks the notifications that are sent out by Kodi and its add-ons.

How to Install Indigo Kodi Add-on

Being a popular choice among the Kodi media player users for years, the Indigo add-on is updated fairly regularly, and here’s how you can install it on any Kodi compatible device right now.

Step 1: Enable Unknown Sources for the Kodi Netflix add-on.

Before you can install an unofficial add-on to your Kodi media player, you need to ensure that the Unknown Sources feature has been enabled from the Settings menu in the app.

  1. Launch the Kodi app on your computer or mobile phone. If you don’t have the Kodi app installed already, download it from the official website.
  2. In the Kodi app, open the Settings icon on the top-left corner of the screen.
  3. Navigate to System Settings – Expert Mode – Add-ons
  4. Find and open the Unknown Sources tab and enable its toggle switch.

Once you have the Unknown Sources feature enabled, you can go ahead and install the Indigo add-on for Kodi.

Step 2: Install Indigo for Kodi

  1. Launch Kodi media player and head over to the Settings
  2. Select the File Manager tab and click on the Add Source
  3. In the field that says “Enter the paths of browse for media locations”, select “<None>” option on the screen.
  4. Enter the URL http://fusion.tvaddons.co/ and press the OK
  5. Enter the name for the repo and click the OK
  6. Head back to the main menu and select the Add-ons
  7. Select the Add-on Package Installer icon and click on Install from ZIP file button.
  8. Find the repo name TVAddons and click on it.
  9. Click on the kodi-repos file name in the folder and wait while it is being installed.
  10. Select the English folder and then select the file xbmc-x.x.x.zip from the list.
  11. Now click on Install from Repository, find the CO tab for you to click on.
  12. Select the Program add-ons option to find the Indigo tab and press the Install button to continue.

Within a few minutes, the Indigo Kodi add-on will be installed to your system and you will be notified with a message box on the top-right corner of the screen.

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Final Words

The Kodi media player has become a world-renowned source of streaming entertainment and a platform for users to consolidate all of their media content and watch it effortlessly. The only way Kodi could be made even better is through the several thousands of official add-ons that XMBC Foundation endorses, and hundreds of unofficial add-ons that are developed by the internal community. Out of all these unofficial offerings, the Indigo Kodi add-on stands out of the crowd with features that are dedicated to finetuning the media player.

Have you installed the Indigo add-on for the Kodi media player to improve the performance of the system, and was this guide helpful in allowing you to understand what makes this particular add-on so useful? If you need assistance in understanding Indigo add-on and how to install it, reach out to us in the comments section right down below.

Kodi Indigo Plugin

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Indigo Plugin For Kodi Downloader

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