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Kung Fu Tv Series Download Torrent Pirate Bay

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Kung FuKung Fu (1972) TV Series with David Carradine – Season 1
  • Kung Fu 1X01-2.Pilot.mpg (683.8 MB)
  • Kung Fu 1x03.mpg (800.7 MB)
  • Kung Fu 1X04 An Eye For An Eye.avi (349.9 MB)
  • Kung Fu 1X05 The Tide.avi (349.9 MB)
  • Kung Fu 1X06 The Soul is the Warrior {DVDivX}.avi (301.8 MB)
  • Kung Fu 1X07 Nine Lives {DVDivX}.avi (309.5 MB)
  • Kung Fu 1X08 Sun and Cloud Shadow {DVDivX}.avi (306.4 MB)
  • Kung Fu 1X09 Chains {DVDivX}.avi (308.3 MB)
  • Kung Fu 1X10 Alethea {DVDivX}.avi (299.9 MB)
  • Kung Fu 1X11 A Praying Mantis Kills {DVDivX}.avi (303.5 MB)
  • Kung Fu 1X12 Superstition {DVDivX}.avi (310.2 MB)
  • Kung Fu 1X13 The Stone {DVDivX}.avi (306.1 MB)
  • Kung Fu 1X14 The Third Man {DVDivX}.avi (311.9 MB)
  • Kung Fu 1X15 The Ancient Warrior {DVDivX}.avi (313.0 MB)
Kung Fu (1973) TV Series with David Carradine – Season 2
  • Kung Fu 2X01 The Well {DVDivX}.avi (350.1 MB)
  • Kung Fu 2X02 The Assassin {DVDivX}.avi (350.5 MB)
  • Kung Fu 2X03 The Chalice {DVDivX}.avi (350.1 MB)
  • Kung Fu 2X04 The Brujo {DVDivX}.avi (350.3 MB)
  • Kung Fu 2X05 The Spirit Helper {DVDivX}.avi (350.4 MB)
  • Kung Fu 2X06 The Squaw Man {DVDivX}.avi (350.1 MB)
  • Kung Fu 2X07 The Salamander {DVDivX}.avi (350.1 MB)
  • Kung Fu 2X08 The Tong {DVDivX}.avi (350.1 MB)
  • Kung Fu 2X09 The Soldier {DVDivX}.avi (350.1 MB)
  • Kung Fu 2X10 The Hoots {DVDivX}.avi (350.3 MB)
  • Kung Fu 2X11 The Elixir {DVDivX}.avi (350.1 MB)
  • Kung Fu 2X12 The Gunman {DVDivX}.avi (350.1 MB)
  • Kung Fu 2X13 Empty Pages of a Dead Book {DVDivX}.avi (350.4 MB)
  • Kung Fu 2X14 A Dream Within a Dream {DVDivX}.avi (350.2 MB)
  • Kung Fu 2X15 The Way of Violence Has No Mind {DVDivX}.avi (350.1 MB)
  • Kung Fu 2X16 In Uncertain Bondage {DVDivX}.avi (349.9 MB)
  • Kung Fu 2X17 Night of the Owls, Day of the Doves {DVDivX}.avi (350.3 MB)
  • Kung Fu 2X18 Crossties {DVDivX}.avi (350.2 MB)
  • Kung Fu 2X19 The Passion of Chen Yi {DVDivX}.avi (350.0 MB)
  • Kung Fu 2X20 The Arrogant Dragon {DVDivX}.avi (349.9 MB)
  • Kung Fu 2X21 The Nature of Evil {DVDivX}.avi (350.0 MB)
  • Kung Fu 2X22 The Cenotaph (1 of 2) {DVDivX}.avi (350.4 MB)
  • Kung Fu 2X23 The Cenotaph (2 of 2) {DVDivX}.avi (350.1 MB)
  • Kung Fu 2X~~ (Bonus) Zen and Now {DVDivX}.avi (304.7 MB)
Kung Fu (1974) TV Series with David Carradine – Season 3
  • Kung Fu 3X01 Blood of the Dragon (1 of 2) {DVDivX}.avi (350.1 MB)
  • Kung Fu 3X02 Blood of the Dragon (2 of 2) {DVDivX}.avi (350.4 MB)
  • Kung Fu 3X03 A Small Beheading {DVDivX}.avi (350.3 MB)
  • Kung Fu 3X04 This Valley of Terror {DVDivX}.avi (350.2 MB)
  • Kung Fu 3X05 The Predators {DVDivX}.avi (350.5 MB)
  • Kung Fu 3X06 My Brother, My Executioner {DVDivX}.avi (350.5 MB)
  • Kung Fu 3X07 Cry of the Night Beast {DVDivX}.avi (350.1 MB)
  • Kung Fu 3X08 The Devil's Champion {DVDivX}.avi (350.1 MB)
  • Kung Fu 3X09 The Garments of Rage {DVDivX}.avi (349.9 MB)
  • Kung Fu 3X10 Besieged - Death on Cold Mountain (1 of 2) {DVDivX}.avi (350.5 MB)
  • Kung Fu 3X11 Besieged - Cannon at the Gates (2 of 2) {DVDivX}.avi (350.0 MB)
  • Kung Fu 3X12 The Demon God {DVDivX}.avi (350.2 MB)
  • Kung Fu 3X13 The Vanishing Image {DVDivX}.avi (350.0 MB)
  • Kung Fu 3X14 A Lamb to the Slaughter {DVDivX}.avi (350.3 MB)
  • Kung Fu 3X15 The Forbidden Kingdom {DVDivX}.avi (350.3 MB)
  • Kung Fu 3X16 One Step to Darkness {DVDivX}.avi (350.5 MB)
  • Kung Fu 3X17 Battle Hymn {DVDivX}.avi (350.4 MB)
  • Kung Fu 3X18 Barbary House {DVDivX}.avi (350.0 MB)
  • Kung Fu 3X19 Flight to Orion {DVDivX}.avi (350.3 MB)
  • Kung Fu 3X20 The Brothers Caine {DVDivX}.avi (350.5 MB)
  • Kung Fu 3X21 Full Circle {DVDivX}.avi (350.0 MB)
  • Kung Fu 3X22 The Thief of Chendo {DVDivX}.avi (349.8 MB)
  • Kung Fu 3X23 Ambush {DVDivX}.avi (350.4 MB)
  • Kung Fu 3X24 The Last Raid {DVDivX}.avi (350.3 MB)
  • banner.jpg (40.1 KB)
  • fanart.jpg (612.0 KB)
  • landscape.jpg (57.9 KB)
  • logo.png (29.1 KB)
  • poster.jpg (99.1 KB)
  • season01-poster.jpg (65.2 KB)
  • season02-poster.jpg (54.5 KB)
  • season03-poster.jpg (53.2 KB)
  • tvshow.nfo (2.9 KB)


Kung Fu finds a Chinese-American drifter Kwai Chang Caine (David Carradine) solemnly making his way across the Old West, escaping a murder charge (albeit justified murder) hanging over him from his native China. Having once studied for a Shaolin priesthood, Caine is a man of peace and philosophy, keeping his cool no matter how much he is goaded by various western bad guys. But if someone else's life is in danger, or if a weaker person is being persecuted, Caine draws upon his extensive martial-arts skills to vanquish the villains and save the day. During the series' first year on the air, the directors tend to indulge (entertainingly so) in the 'trendy' cinematic tricks of the day (1972), with an excess of hand-held camerawork in the fight scenes, slow- and stop-motion sequences, and multi-image scenes reminiscent of such films as The Boston Strangler and The Thomas Crown Affair. Among the guest stars coming in contact with the series' taciturn hero are Barry Sullivan, Robert Urich, Pat Hingle, Geraldine Brooks, Albert Salmi, Sheree North, Will Geer, a ten-year-old Jodie Foster (as a murder witness), and star David Carradine's real-life father, John Carradine, and brother, Robert Carradine.
The pilot and all episodes are included. However due to file corruption episodes 1-3; King of the Mountain, Dark Angel and Blood Brother are all merged together into 1 very long video. Starting with S01E04 the episodes then continue normally throughout the series. Also the first two files are .mpg and all the others are .avi. I could no longer find the original file types anywhere..

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Kung Fu (1972) TV Series with David Carradine

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