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Get Onboard the Omnibus

2020-09-24 23:41:25 Omsi 2 - Maps 82 Download 383 Views. A small Polish card for OMSI 2. A quality card, worked out to the smallest detail. Regular project update. Version: 2.0 build 1, from. Download OMSI.2.V2.1.ALL.3DM.NODVD.ZIP. File information File name OMSI.2.V2.1.ALL.3DM.NODVD.ZIP File size 1.24 MB Mime type Stdin has more than one entry-rest ignored compressed-encoding=application/zip; charset=binary Other info Zip archive data, at least v1.0 to extract. I double dare you to fill this field!

Step back in time to the 1990s to drive a bus through the streets of Berlin. This is the basic concept of Omni 2 and on the face of things it might not seem to be that exciting. Read on to discover if Omni 2 manages to deliver the goods.

Step back in time to 1990s Berlin to discover the fun of driving a bus through the city streets. One of the things that gamers will notice first about Omni 2 is that the graphics are absolutely stunning and really capture the essence of Berlin in this period. Playing the game feels a lot like having a time machine and getting to explore without having to leave home.

All of the bugs that were present in the original game have been ironed out and it now plays very smoothly. Even gamers with low end systems will be able to run Omni 2 with no problems and the performance and screen resolution can easily be adjusted if needed.

Omsi 2 version 2.0 download pc

The game is a little bit complicated at first and people who are new to this type of game may feel a little bit overwhelmed. Fortunately, Omni 2 comes complete with a very easy to follow tutorial that helps players get to grips with the game and ensures that it will not be long before they are out on the city streets.

The experience of driving a city bus is realistically represented and there are lots of instruments for players to use and learn. Although this can take a little time, once players fully grasp what they need to do this complexity adds a lot of realism to the game. The awesome sound effects are the icy on the cake that helps to immerse players in the game.

This game is designed for gamers who are willing to go the distance and is not really ideal for casual gamers. However, Omsi 2 proves that driving a bus can be a lot more entertaining than you might have thought. The addictive game play and great graphics combine to make this a game that fans of simulation games are sure to love.


  • Stunning graphics that really bring the locations to life
  • Authentic sound effects
  • Engaging and addictive game play
  • Lots of different things to do in the game


Omsi 2 Version 2.0 Download Windows 7

  • It takes a long time to get anywhere in the game
  • Need to invest plenty of time

Is fact that one of my favorite OMSI 2 buses is the Mercedes-Benz O 307, a rural-service/suburban/commuter bus created by Perotinus, which had, until a week ago, the version 1.2.1 for OMSI 2 and the version 1.2.0 for OMSI 1.

The Mercedes-Benz O 307 bus, operated in Germany (in real life) for the Deutsche Bundesbahn (the German federal railroad operator) to connect villages to nearby railroad stations, and for the Deutsche Bundespost (the German federal mail and postal services operator, which also operated bus services, in zones which the levels of patronage are low enough to make a regular bus service uneconomic), aswell for other private operators, before and even after the privatization of these services. The Mercedes-Benz O 307 was unveiled in 1972, production started in 1973, and production terminated in 1987. The O 307 v1.2.1 (OMSI 2) covered the O 307s manufactured from 1982 to 1987.

But now I’m fond of the version 2 of the same bus, which brought a lot of improvements across the board. One of them that is only two versions of the O 307 (Matrix and Rollband, capable to have a variety of desitnation signs’ forms and positions via repaint setvar), instead of the v1.2.1s 15 versions, thus making more efficient in the time of configuring the AI List for a map, if you want to have the O 307 as a AI bus (I have on two maps: Ettbruck and Freyfurt, and they perform quite good). Other three aspects of this version 2 of the Mercedes-Benz O 307 are also stellar:

3D model: 8.7/10

The 3D model quality is one of the principal motivations to download this particular bus, because of the well-made details, aswell the larger detail of this version of the O 307, including the steering wheel, more reallistic than the Version 1.2.1, aswell the Almex ticket printer, which now operates like the real version of the aforementioned ticket printer machine, instead of operating like the v1.2.1, which used a MAN SD202 D92 script to run the printer, thus being (despite of the quality of the model being also very good) quite unreallistic. Other aspects are the three seat model, two blinker lights, two driver panels and three wheelcap model options available to this particular bus, a thing that in v1.2.1 didn’t have at all.

Textures and Customization: 8.5/10

Customization and textures is also a strong point for these particular bus, more than the previous version: You can have, as said before, the possibility to choose the destination signs location and size (in case of the Matrix version, to have a year 1986 version), aswell the possibility of having, or not rear route number sign. Other impressive points are the variety of textures possible in a repaint for the interior, steering wheel, seats, roof, driver panel, aswell versions with one type, another type or without luggage compartment below the seats. The repaint templates also are more simple than the previous version, reducing also the redundancy for having only an “1986” small matrix display window template, an standard template with one luggage compartment door type, an standard template with another type, aswell the standard version without any luggage compartment doors, instead of the myriad of types of templates in the previous version, despite of the textures in that version (remember, is the v1.2.1) being also very good, in my opinion.

Scripts and Sounds: 8.2/10

The last parameter of this review is also a good one, but with the need of the Citybus O305 payware add-on being installed as a requisite, which may (or may not, because of the quality of the add-on) penalyze quite a bit the possible final result.

In parameter of the scripts, there’s a lot of improvements, in the question of the engine capabilities, aswell is noting that there’s an improvement in terms of realism of the manual gearbox (is possible to install the O 307 automatic mod for the v1.2.1 in the O 307 v2), and the driver has a mechanical fan to increase/decrease cockpit temperature, one of the interesting points of this bus, in my opinion! Much of the script pool is shared with the Mercedes-Benz O 305 of the Citybus O305 add-on (more precisely, with the Std77 version), thus making necessary to install the aforementioned add-on, being not enough the AI O 305 distributed with the game. In the other level of this parameter, the sounds: The sounds used are an improvement, in comparison to the ones used with the v1.2.1, with the hub axle sound upgraded to an more improved version, using the one used on the Mercedes-Benz O 407 being used on this bus. The door sounds, also made an enormous progress, with a better realism of the door sounds, while using the standard MAN SD200 and SD202 door sounds, giving a very beautiful door sound effect, in my modest opinion. Some O 305 sounds are also used, also one of the reason to have the Citybus O305 installed with the OMSI game.

Final Result: 8.5/10

An already very good bus with an stellar reputation has now, with this version 2, turned to an top rate (seventh-wonder, I would say) bus, which quality, details and options of the same bus has created a very good interurban bus for an very good (independently of being very or not very detailed) map, like Tettau, Ettbruck, Freyfurt or Bad Kinzau v3, aswell a good companion for testing WIP overland maps (like my map, Alto da Boa Viagem).

Download the bus, as your own risk, here.

This blog post, a review (also the my very 1st time which I make a review, so mistakes can be made) of the Version 2 of the Mercedes-Benz O 307 by Perotinus, represents only my personal opinion on the bus, and doesn’t want to obligate anyone to follow my recommentations.