During the conversation with Mr Kaminaris from theKing George Hotel we were able to comprise a list of most important advantagesand biggest disadvantages of this system. They were mostly based on his experiencesworking with this software and our findings while monitoring the work of thereception.
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Opera Hotel Management Software Free

Oracle Hospitality OPERA Cloud Property Management is a cloud-based, mobile-enabled platform for next-generation hotel property management.

For a hotel to function properly it is extremelyimportant to have access to real-time information which OPERA PMS provides toall sections of the hotel. One of the main advantages of the OPERA PMS is theuser friendly interface which was designed to fit every receptionist. It hasquick keys which help access all the software application with speed and ease.With just one key stroke the receptionist is able to perform the tasks ofcheck-ins and check-outs. The front desk feature of this software also includesthe possibility of performing a rapid walk-in check-in. Both of these featuresare extremely significant in the job of a receptionist since they help himavoid the formation of queuing guests at reception which can form a bad imageabout the hotel. Furthermore, with just a few clicks you have access to all theinformation about the guest which can help you make his stay at your hotel aunique experience. This also allows the creation of the first step in obtaininga loyal guest. If the guest is happy with the service provided during his stay,you can be sure that he will come back to repeat the experience which brings usto yet another advantage of this software. If the guest chooses to repeat thestay in the hotel, OPERA PMS will provide the receptionist during the check-inall the details of the guest’s last visit since they are stored on the serverfor several years.

Opera Hotel Management Software

The before section of this report contains some of themost important applications for the front desk tasks which can all beconsidered as the advantages of this PMS. Although all of these functions arepotentially overwhelming, OPERA PMS is a very adjustable software which allowsits user to choose the features which are most suitable to its businessprocesses and the profile of its clients. A very important advantage of thissoftware in general is the small amount of bugs and problems it comes with soyou do not have to fear that it will freeze or crash at the most inopportunemoment. With this, the front desk is avoiding all the negative situations whichmay arise if they are not able to perform a guest’s request thus avoiding theformation of a negative image in the mind of the guest.

Opera Hotel Management Software Reviews