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Raymond Free Software

Step 1:

Choose any one of the download location below:

Torrent download: (Suggested) (Latest version)

If you want to download these in torrent, you could visit:

Photoshop Cc Dmg Google Drive

In the download links section, choose rutracker.

Telegram (Direct Download) (2020-8-27):

Photoshop Cc Dmg Google Drive

Direct Download Server: (2020-8-27)

Server 1:

Server 2:

In the login page, type





Then you will be able to access the servers:

Step 3: (How to find the right thing to download)


For single file:

Right click the latest .iso file and click download: (Notice that the .iso document is the largest file in the whole folder)

What does it mean by latest?: For every iso there is a u number (e.g.: Adobe.Photoshop.2020.u6.ultilingual.iso)

The version is newer if the number is larger.

i.e.: ..>u6>u5>u4>..

You ONLY need to download the .iso file, other files are NOT necessary.

Ignore the md5, sfv,sha, nfo document, they are not related to the installing process! Just only download the largest file in the folder (which is the .iso file).

Example: I would like to install the latest full version Photoshop.

I choose the latest version iso document.

Select the software you would like to download, click that button, and then click download.

Example: (The latest photoshop)

Step 4: Installing the software (How to install the .iso file):

Read this installment guide:

If any of the files are missing please contact me directly in:

My telegram group:

Or Email: [email protected]

Noted that I will only answer message about adobe software update request and errors of the download links.

I will not answer any other problems such as problem in installing! If you have problems in installing the ISO, you should contact monkrus directly. You can:

Leave a comment in his website in the respective software:

Or contact him via email directly: [email protected]

Or you can leave your question in my telegram group:


If you want to check the software version and more info:

Download the .nfo file. (Note that is just for checking the release info, it has nothing to do with the installing and cracking process.)

Click the little down arrow next to the open button.

Click: 'Use other programs to open'

Find the notepad icon and select it, also check the box.

For a whole folder:

NEVER download a folder directly in google! The zipping process is very long

Correct way:

Use Air explorer pro (v2.9.0)

  1. Download link: (Telegram)

2. Follow its instruction to crack the software.

Bonus: (For those who would like to download the whole folder)

Using Air explorer to download a whole folder to your desktop:

Photoshop Cc Dmg Google Drive Software

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Some more things you may find useful:

Sites for getting large numbers of free team drives/shared drives:

Team drive guide and FAQs:

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