Download Codes – ((Pokemon Uranium Cheats – Trainer. With a specific end goal to get the pokemon uranium cheats you’d need to utilize your pc and take after the means as given underneath – Right off the bat open up Chrome program on your PC. As you may or may not know Pokemon Uranium download links have been taken offline due to lawsuit actions against the developer from Nintendo of America. It's a shame that such a good game, with 9+ years in the making, can't be played not even a week or so after its launch. So, to help the community out (mainly the Pokemon uranium subreddit). Pokemon Uranium Download: Since its release in July, Pokemon Go has stirred emotions in the heart of Pokemon lovers by taking the Android gaming world by storm. Even when Pokemon has ended so long back, most of the fans around the world were hooked on it, and that’s why the Pokemon Go has gained prominence within very less time after the release.

Pokemon Uranium Download Mac

Pokemon Uranium Download: Since its release in July, Pokemon Go has stirred emotions in the heart of Pokemon lovers by taking the Android gaming world by storm. Even when Pokemon has ended so long back, most of the fans around the world were hooked on it, and that’s why the Pokemon Go has gained prominence within very less time after the release. However, as there are always better versions of the games that develop once after they are launched, the new Pokemon Uranium has overshadowed the traditional Pokemon Go. As a Pokemon lover, you should understand that the game is marvelous and is exclusively designed for the web-based gamers.

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Pokemon Uranium Download

Created by a team of highly skilled developers for 9 years, named as RGPMakerXP; Pokemon Uranium is only available to be used as Pokemon Uranium PC. It can’t be supported with the Android or iOS devices, apart from that; Pokemon Uranium is an alluring game with exotic features when compared to the original version.

The Pokemon Uranium download comes with a guide that takes you through the Pokemon Uranium walkthroughs and helps you get hold of the game. However, before that, you should know that the Pokemon Uranium ROM is not available and people who are looking for it will only be disheartened to know this. But the rumors say that due to the high seeking demand for the Pokemon Uranium GBA ROM, it is most likely that the developers will launch a GBA version or a Pokemon Uranium APK for the mobile users to download and use it.

Features of Pokemon Uranium:

  1. In this version of Pokemon Uranium, as the name says; the Pokemon are seen shining just as the Uranium metal, unlike the regular version.
  2. Also, one can pick interesting and rare Pokemon at the beginning of the game instead of the regular Rattata or Pidgey.
  3. Many additional mysterious gifts and bonuses are waiting for you in the game, and you can know more about them while playing it.
  4. Breeding of the Pokemon is a brand new feature through which you can raise the Pokemon levels faster.
  5. Apart from these, new shortcuts, new routes, new Pokemon, custom soundtracks, new gyms, and techniques are also introduced to evoke enthusiasm in you.

Pokemon Uranium for PC Information:

  1. This new version of the game contains a total of 13 towns, 7 gyms, 6 side quests which are optional.
  2. It also contains a total of 192 different Pokemon species out of which many are new. It is mentioned that these species also evolve and additionally 8 more species will be added in the next version.
  3. The Pokemon Uranium for PC contains a virtual trainer, Wonder Trade option and GTS, Nuzlocke mode.
  4. It also offers the multi-save option and user-friendly functionality with features like battling friends even in PvP matches and other formats.
  5. Exclusively, you can enter into the Tandor Championship with a 30+ hours of gameplay once opened.
Pokemon Uranium Download Mac

Pokemon Uranium Download Mac

How to download and install Pokemon Uranium for PC/Mac?

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Just like any other game, the initial version that has been released on 6th August has been facing few issues and the developers are constantly updating the game by fixing these bugs. To fix these bugs, several Pokemon Uranium patches are released at regular gaps by the developers.

Download Pokemon Uranium for Mac/PC:

  • Initially, you should download the Pokemon Uranium MSI file from the below link by clicking on it

Download Here (Installer)

  • After downloading it, open it and run it on your computer.
  • Follow the installation guide by following the instructions of the Pokemon Uranium MSI file and wait for the installation to be done.
  • Once you have downloaded, click on it to open.
  • You can get the full-screen option by pressing Alt+Enter together.

How to Install Pokemon Uranium for PC?

  • In case if you’re unable to install it normally, right click on the Pokemon Uranium MSI file and select the option of “Run as Administrator” and install it.
  • Now, download the Pokemon Uranium patch from the link here and run it to fix the bugs that are usually confronted

Download Here (Patch)

  • Install the patch along with the game installation or while playing the game as it won’t affect the game progress.
  • Once, the patch is installed; open the Pokemon Uranium for PC interface. You can see the patch updating the Pokemon Uranium version. For example, if the version is 1.0.0 before installing the patch, it will be changed to 1.0.2. If it doesn’t the patcher is not working.
  • With this patch, your version will keep on updating soon after a new version is released by the developers.


Pokemon Uranium APK Download Android:

As mentioned above, Pokemon Uranium APK is not yet developed, and therefore you can’t use Pokemon Uranium for Android. However, one way of getting Pokemon Uranium on your Android devices is by using the Remotr Steamer. To do this,

  1. Initially, download the Remotr Stamer software from the official site or from here on your PC and run it. Wait till the installation is done and open the software.
  2. Create and account on the home interface.
  3. Now, from your Android Device; open the Google Play Store and download the Remotr app to install it.
  4. Once installed, login to the device using the same account credentials you have used for creating the account above through PC.
  5. By logging in, you will be able to see the computer screen on your Android device, and therefore you can play the Pokemon Uranium on the Android without any difficulties.
  6. In case if the Remotr Steamer is not working, you can try an alternative like the Splashtop2 on both the computer and your Android device and follow the same method.

Download Pokemon Uranium for iOS:

Just as the Android, the Pokemon Uranium for iOS is not yet officially available and one has to again repeat the same process of downloading the Remotr Steamer in order to get Pokemon Uranium on your iPhone or iPad. However, this time let’s use the Splashtop 2 instead.

  1. Download the setup file of Splashtop2 from the official website or from here and start running it on your PC.
  2. Follow the step by step instructions and complete the installation. Open the software on your computer and create a new account.
  3. Now, visit the iTunes Store on your iOS device and download the Splashtop2 from it.
  4. On the interface, log in to the app with the same credentials (email and password) that you’ve used to register on the PC.
  5. After logging in, the Pokemon Uranium game that you’re playing on the computer will be live on your iOS device.

Pokemon Uranium Problems: Pokemon Uranium Runtime Error:

Game breaking:

  1. Some of the bugs are unavoidable, while some can be avoidable. In case if you encounter any one of the listed bugs, reload an old file and do not save this version.
  2. Interruption of the 5 trail event at the Snowbank Town Gym. To avoid this bug, save your file before you start talking to Theo at the beginning.
  3. Do not close the game in the middle of an event or right after being spotted by a trainer of the enemies as this can cause crashing of the game.
  4. The up and down controls can get stuck while using the menu making it difficult to select the items that can heal the Pokemon or save the game. In such cases, use the page up and page down options in the Pokedex page.
  5. Be sure that you save the game before playing the Nuclear Hordes at Nuclear Plant Zeta to escape from the impassable state.

Pokemon Uranium is Crashing:

Often, the most confronted errors are the simple runtime errors which leave the game to freeze with an error being displayed. In such cases, the players will have to go back to their last save. These bugs are avoidable and are fixed by the developers. Make sure that you save the files before the crashing happens.Some of the crashes take place at:

  1. During the route 12, when an item ball is found behind the Eviolite (fisherman).
  2. In Venesi, where you go past the Ratsy on your bike.
  3. When you nickname a Pokemon after hatching it from the egg. Instead, change the names at Nowtoch City (Name Rater).
  4. Sometimes, the errors appear when a Pokemon is caught or while fishing. These are fixed in the 1.0.1 version.

Pokemon Uranium Not Saving:

The issue with the 4.0 is that it is backwards compatible from the version 3.1 and above with the saved files. Therefore, the game tends to crash when you load the file. To avoid this, you should try renaming the old save file to something else or either move it and delete it.


  1. Certain attacks and moves are noticed to fail especially when the battle happens with Brailip and Gligar.The light screen might cause the enemy to stop the attacks.
  2. There are also issues with the abilities like the OHKO moves or sometimes the curses does not raise attacks or defenses.
  3. The animation is also observed to be delayed due to the graphical errors including the map mistakes, spite errors
  4. These errors are not in the hands of the users and therefore, one should wait for them to be fixed in the next version of the Pokemon Uranium.

Client Issues:

  1. Clicking on the game icon after the installation doesn’t launch the Pokemon Uranium properly. This might be because of the RMXP packages and therefore, uninstall it and install again.
  2. Often, you might also get attacked by the bugs from online and therefore, it is better to shut the internet down.
  3. Avoid resetting the game by using F12 regularly as sometimes it causes paralysis to the game.

Apart from the above errors, if you face any other additional errors while installing the Pokemon Uranium free download or while playing it, approach us in the comment section so that we can escort you with the possible solution. There are also many cheats that one can use to enhance the Pokemon Uranium game and therefore stay tuned to get hold of them. Subscribe to us and share us on your social media platforms for more technical updates about the softwares and apps. Start playing the Pokemon Uranium in full screen mode and have fun catching the rarest Pokemon.

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Creation date: 13.08.2017
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