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CBS 60 Minutes aired a story about the Ultimate Bet andAbsolute Poker cheating scandal involving collusion and software to see holecards. This involved internet poker cheating. 60 Minutes aired the program the same night as the WSOP World Series ofPoker. Several people were interviewed including Nat Arem who researchedthe Absolute Poker and Ultimate Bet scams. Also interviewed were LindaJohnson and Mike Sexton of Party Poker, Greg Raymer of Team Poker Stars and MarkSeif of Absolute Poker. Russell Hamilton or Russ Hamilton appears to bethe biggest cheater and has taken the Ultimate Bet site for millions. There has been several articles written about these poker cheating scams.

Nowadays, most online poker cheating software, poker bots orplayer card revealing software are SCAMS, THEY DONOT WORK. The online poker sites have closed up the holes in theirsoftware making it difficult to cheat with software alone, but it is stillpossible and very easy to cheat online poker using specialized computerhardware.


It will use specialized computerhardware. We will include step by step instructions and you will be ableto get support through a private forum (only for purchasers of this system)where you will be able to post questions and get answers anonymously.


Best of all, even though it is currentlyillegal for people in the U.S. to gamble online, you will not be gambling,you will be cheating. And there is no law against cheating onlinegambling sites since it is illegal to be gambling on those sites. In thepast it's been difficult for U.S. customers to get an account on poker sites,but we'll even include a simple method for U.S. customers to obtain accounts onthose sites.

This will be the result of several years ofresearch and development.

If you are interested, please CONTACTUS.


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It is a new revolutionary piece of software that lets you view the cards of other players on virtually any poker room on the net! This can give you a huge advantage and allow you to make a lot of money in the process. Diabolic Card Viewer is completely undetectable so you will not be banned or caught. It utilizes new silent injection techniques to bypass all security measures of different poker sites. This has been in development for a long time but is only now being released to the public.
Diabolic Card Viewer is very simple to use but i will give you a quick rundown of how it works
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Updated : 2020

Pokerstars Hack See Hole Cards

Pokerstars Hack See Hole Cards download free, software Mozilla Firefox

  • Open Poker Room
  • Open Diabolic
  • Attach Diabolic to poker room by entering your table ID
  • play and see any card
  • Profit
As you can see it is very simple to use almost to simple! The GUI looks quite ugly right now but we are working on a new one, the one we have was basically just for beta testing functionality. We have tested this software on many different poker rooms and it has worked on all of them at the moment we think our software works on 100% of poker rooms and will continue to threw automatic updates. We hope you enjoy Diabolic Card Viewer!

Pokerstars Hack See Hole Cards download free, software For Windows

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Pokerstars Hack See Hole Cards Download free. software download

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