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INSTANTLY DOWNLOAD a Yamaha, Polaris or Honda Waverunner/JetSki repair manual straight to your computer in seconds and fix your problems now. The instant downloads will guide you through simple maintenance to complete engine overhaul. Don’t know the source of the problem? Refer to the troubleshooting section to pinpoint the source of the fault, and the remedy to fix your engine to factory specifications. All repair manuals contain pictures and illustrations to guide you through the repair process. Fixing your Personal Watercraft has never been easier!

Instant download of the factory repair manual for all 1992-1998 Polaris personal watercraft. See below for complete list of models covered. Covers complete tear down and rebuild, pictures and part diagrams, torque specs, maintenance, troubleshooting, etc. You name it and its in here. A downloadable Polaris personal watercraft PWC repair manual is a book of repair instructions that details how to fix or overhaul a small, jet-powered water craft, resembling a snowmobile in appearance and ridden astraddle, for individual use on water.

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Polaris Pwc Repair Manual Download

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Repair Manual Polaris Models

Polaris Pwc Repair Manual Download Pdf

Polaris 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997 & 1998: 1992: SL650 (SL-650) - 1993: SL650 (SL-650), SL750, SLT - 1994: SL650, SL750 (SL-750), SLT - 1995: SL650 (SL650 International), SL650 STD (SL650 STD International), SL750 (SL750 International). SLTl50 (SLTl50 International), SLX780 (SLX-780 International) - 1996: SL700 (SL-700 International), SLTlOO (SLTlOO International), SL780 (SL780 International), SL900 (SL-900 International), SLX780 (SLX780 International), SLTl80 (SLTl80 International), Hurricane (Hurricane International), SLTX (SLTX International) - 1997: SL700, SL700 Deluxe, SLT700 Hurricane, SL780, SLTl80, SLX PRO 785, SL900, SL1050 SLTX - 1998: SLH, SLTH, SLXH, SLTX
Polaris 1999 Genesis, 1999, Genesis Ficht and 1999 X-45 Genesis, Genesis Ficht & X-45.
2000 Polaris Virage TX, SLX, Pro 1200, Genesis, Genesis FFI 2000 Polaris Virage TX, 2000 Polaris SLX, 2000 Polaris Pro 1200, 2000 Polaris Genesis, 2000 Polaris Genesis FFI.
2001 Polaris SLX, PRO 1200, Virage TX, Genesis, Virage TXi, Genesis i 2001 Polaris SLX, 2001 PRO 1200, 2001 Virage TX, 2001 Genesis, 2001 Virage TXi, 2001 Genesis i
2001 Polaris SLH, Virage 2001 Polaris SLH, 2001 Polaris Virage.
2002 02' Polaris Freedom, Virage, Virage TX, Virage i, Virage TXi, Genesis, Genesis i 2002 Freedom W025297D, 2002 Virage W025197D, 2002 Virage TX W025199D, 2002 Virage i W025101D, 2002 Virage TXi W025198D, 2002 Genesis W025099D, 2002 Genesis i W025098D
2003 03' Polaris Freedom, Virage, Virage i, Genesis i Freedom W035297DA, Virage W035197DA, Virage i W035101CA, Genesis i W035098CA.
2004 04' Polaris MSX110 (MSX-110) MSX150 (MSX-150) 2004 Polaris MSX110 (MSX-110), 2004 Polaris MSX150 (MSX-150).
2004 04' Polaris Freedom, Freedom, Virage, Virage i, Genesis i, MSX 140 Freedom W045297DA, Freedom International W045297IA, Virage W045197DA, Virage International W045197IA, Virage i W045101CA, Virage i International W045101IA, Genesis i W045098CA, Genesis i International W045098IA, MSX140 W045303CA, MSX 140 International W045303IA
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Service Manual Application: Polaris 1999 Genesis, 1999, Genesis Ficht and 1999 X-45 WaterCraft (Water craft) PWC.

Models covered in this manual:

Genesis Ficht

Contents of this Polaris Genesis, Genesis Ficht & Polaris X-45 Factory Service Manual. This instant eBook contains fully detailed step-by-step repair procedures with hundreds of picture illustrations to guide you through any repair, maintenance, overhaul, service specifications or troubleshooting procedure. This expert text guide book will give you the knowledge and experience you need to perform simple basic maintenance or more complicated service procedures like engine overhaul. Covers every thing you will ever need to know to fix anything on your your 99 Polaris Genesis, Genesis Ficht & Polaris X-45 PWC.

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File Format: PDF
Delivered In: PDF Format
Pages: 318
Language: English

Typical Polaris Service Manual Usually contains the following chapters:


Some technical highlights of each chapter include: service information, specifications, troubleshooting, inspection, testing, part or parts removal, part or parts disassembly, replacement, assembly installation, exploded diagrams, specs and much more.




If you have any trouble with your watercraft, use the troubleshooting section to check for the possible cause. The trboubleshooting section will help you find the cause so you can determin the procedure for replacement or repair, this polaris service manual will help guide you in making the correct repair the first time.

Polaris Pwc Repair Manual Download Online

Troubleshooting chart

Engine does not start
Starter motor does not turn over
Engine shutoff switch
Clip not in place Install clip
Fuse Burned out Replace the fuse and check wiring
Battery Run down Recharge
Poor terminal connections
Terminal corroded Clean
Starter motor Faulty
Starter motor turns over
Fuel cock Turned to OFF Turn the fuel cock to ON
Fuel Empty Refill as soon as possible
Fuel tank Water or dirt present Have serviced by
Spark plug Fouled or defective Clean or replace
Spark plug cap Not connected or loose Connect properly
Crankcase Filled with water Crank engine with plug out until clean
Fuel filter Clogged or water pooled
Choke Choke valve can not be closed surely by lever operation
Engine runs irregularly or stalls
Fuel Empty Refill as soon as possible
Choke Lever is moved to on Move back to original position
Fuel filter Clogged or water pooled
Fuel tank Water or dirt present
Spark plug Fouled or defective Replace
Incorrect heat range Replace
Gap incorrect Adjust
Spark plug cap Loose Connect properly
Cracked, torn, or damaged
Electrical wiring
Loose connection Tighten or connect properly
Carburetor Incorrect idle adjustment
Adjust idle
Warning light or indicator blinks
Fuel level Empty Refill as soon as possible
Engine oil level Empty Refill immediately
Oil filter clogged Clean
Engine overheated
Jet intake clogged Clean
Low battery voltage
Battery voltage low Charge
Battery terminal connected wrong
Watercraft slow or
loses power
Cavitation Jet intake clogged Clean
Impeller damaged or worn
Jet intake clogged Clean
Spark plug Fouled or defective Replace
Incorrect heat range Replace
Gap incorrect Adjust
Spark plug caps
Loose connection Tighten or connect properly
Bilge Water in bilge Drain


Fuel filter
Fuel tank breather hose
Fuel hose
Cooling water hose
Choke cable
Throttle cable
Oil return hose
Bilge hose
Speed sensor lead
Electrical box lead
YPVS cables
Cooling water pilot outlet
Battery negative lead
Steering cable
QSTS cable
Battery breather hose
Battery positive lead
Starter motor lead
Generator lead
YPVS servomotor
Oil delivery hose
Fuel return hose
Fuel suction hose
Steering cable
Flushing hose
Bilge hoses
stator assembly
To cylinder #1
To cylinder #2
To battery positive terminal
To starter motor positive terminal
To thermoswitch
Battery negative lead
Buzzer lead
Choke cable

Engine shut-off switch – Insert the clip on the end of the engine shut-off cord, under the engine shut-off switch (black button). The engine will stop automatically when the clip is removed from the switch, such as if the operator falls off the watercraft.

Polaris Service Manual Download

Choke lever – Starting a cold engine requires a richer air-fuel mixture, which is supplied by the choke. Move the lever in direction a to turn the choke on. Move the lever in direction b to turn the choke off.

Throttle lever – Squeeze the throttle lever to increase engine speed. Release the throttle lever to decrease engine speed or to return it to the idle position.

Start switch – Push the start switch (green button) to start the engine.

Cooling water pilot outlet – This watercraft is equipped with cooling water pilot outlets. When the engine is running, cooling water is circulated in the engine, and then it is discharged from the pilot outlets. To check for proper operation of the cooling system, check that water is being discharged from the pilot outlets. If water is not being discharged from the outlets, cooling water may not be circulating in the engine. When this occurs, stop the engine and check for the cause.

Steering system – Your watercraft can be steered by turning the handlebars the same direction you wish to travel. When the handlebars are turned, the angle of the jet thrust nozzle is changed, and the direction of the watercraft is changed accordingly. Since the strength of the jet thrust determines the speed and direction of a turn, the throttle must always be open when attempting a turn, except at trolling speed.

Engine overheat warning system – This model is equipped with an engine overheat warning system. If the engine starts to overheat, the warning light and the engine overheat warning indicator begin to blink, the buzzer sounds, and the engine speed will be limited to about 3,400 r/min. When this occurs, check for water discharge at the cooling water pilot outlet. If there is no discharge of water, reduce the engine speed and beach the watercraft, and then check the intake grate and impeller for clogging.

Polaris Pwc Repair Manual Download Chevrolet

Multifunction information center – This meter contains following functions for the help and convenience of operation.

1 Tachometer
2 Speedometer
3 Fuel meter
4 Hour meter
5 Warning light
6 Oil warning indicator
7 Engine overheat warning indicator
8 Fuel warning indicator
9 Reset button

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