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AntiBrowserSpy Pro 2020 Retail + Crack

Antibrowserspy Pro License Key is software designed to give internet users a safe browsing experience. The internet presents one of the best opportunities for hacks to have access to one’s computer. It is not a secret that browser manufacturers are integrating certain d=features in their browsers that send private data to. It is therefore prudent that every browser users protect their computer from such privacy invasion. Ideal software for this purpose is the Antibrowserspy pro 2020.

The software name as Antibrowserspy Pro 2020 works by turning off the browsers espionage features. Most computer users find it difficult to turn off the espionage features. Antibrowserspy makes it all easy to be in control of the espionage features. You can now disable espionage features by a single click.

Although most of the browsers give their users a host of privacy settings, the settings are mostly hidden making it difficult for users to explore. Furthermore, it is equally difficult to get the entire browser settings set correctly.

With Anti browser Spy, users can turn off their browser privacy settings and let the software do all the protection. Antibrowser spy will protect your computer system and internet browser from virus and any mode of the spy. Abelssoft develops this software.

Key features

  • Clean, simple to use user interface
  • Google Analytics browser
  • Temporary files cleaner
  • Back-ups settings
  • Restoring facility
  • Available in English and Dutch languages
  • Built – in browser settings
  • Optimized Stealthbrowser tool
  • Task scheduling module
  • Supports 32- bit and 64 bit operating systems
  • Up to 12 cleanup options
  • Built-in Google Analytics blocker
  • Built in tools that block Facebook and other social networking platforms


One great benefit of antibrowserspy Pro 2020 crack is that it protects your computer system from spy. This is by turning off hidden spy functionalities of all the browsers. Notably, the software supports all the popular browsers. They include,

Moreso, the software is a sure way of protecting one’s computer from spy. This is because Antibrowserspy Pro deletes all the internet traces. Whereas you may delete internet traces manually, this is not an effective measure.


Antibrowserspy is designed to automatically delete any internet traces. This cleaning process is thorough and involves deleting the internet history, download lists and web caches. Also, antibrowserspy allows the user to protect certain cookies. This is the software’s cookie manager. The cookie manager blocks Silverlight and flashes cookies tools.

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Antibrowserspy Pro is also highly effective in the removal of virus. The software removes any virus from any site. Notably, the software is compatible with all the major browsers.

Another great benefit presented by Antibrowser software is the saving and backup function for browser settings. This means that users can go to their PC settings wherever they please

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The software features a stealth browser function. The stealth browser tool works to change the user’s fingerprint on the internet frequently. This privacy measure is with the understanding that each time you visit a site; the browser sends certain information to the website you visited. The website is then able to create a fingerprint that is you unique to your computer system. It is then through this fingerprint that the equipment system can be tracked.

Most importantly, Antibrowserspy Pro is remarkably easy to use. Foremost, antibrowser is designed with a clean simple to use interface. Tools are cleanly displayed on the interface. There are several tabs in this regard that allow the user access all the incorporated settings.

Secondly, users may disable and configure the entire browser setting by a single click. The App developers call this function the one- click protection. The one- click protection gives users the ultimate power to control all the browser settings. This includes the ability to disable all espionage features.

More so, all these functions can be achieved by an automatic feature. That is, the user may schedule automatic cleanups and any other windows service. High school dxd season 2 download. Also, the software allows users to view a summary to security settings and thereby optimize the settings.

By erasing the surfing traces and unnecessary files, the software works to optimize the performance of your computer system.

Supported operating systems

  • Windows XP
  • Windows 7
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 10
  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows 7

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Antibrowserspy Pro 2020 Serial Key