The Internet is full of websites that offer free software and serial keys, including links for EaseUS Data Recovery keygen. However, you should remember that using such a program isn’t the best idea. The reason is that EaseUS Data Recovery keygen only exists due to hacker manipulations. This means that using such software is against the law and can damage your device.

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What Is EaseUS Data Recovery Keygen?

As you can guess from the name, EaseUS Data Recovery keygen is pirated software created to bypass the program’s security system. The original product is a tool for restoring data that uses the Wizard interface.

EaseUS Data Recovery keygen automatically generates an appropriate key that allows you to ignore the security system and use the program for free. That being said, gaining access to the product using that method is a bad idea for multiple reasons.

EaseUS Data Recovery Keygen: Disadvantages

Undoubtedly, using EaseUS Data Recovery keygen allows you to save a lot of money. However, in the future, you’ll have to pay a larger sum. Why? Pirated software has many flaws, which you should definitely learn before you decide to take advantage of EaseUS keygen.

1. Possible Virus Infections

When downloading an EaseUS serial key, be ready for a potential virus infiltration. Since such software is pirated, the chances of receiving harmful software are very high.

2. Legal Liability

All software hacking activities are a serious crime. When downloading keygen, you have to understand the potential consequences of your actions.

3. Unstable Program Performance

EaseUS Data Recovery 12 keygen doesn’t undergo quality assurance, which is mandatory for legal software. This means that no one can guarantee the proper functioning of all features and tools.

4. Lack of Updates

Developers that distribute pirated software don’t care about releasing updates for EaseUS Data Recovery keygen. Over time, your version of the hacked program will become completely outdated.

How Can I Use EaseUS Data Recovery Legally?

If you’re an upstanding user, you’ll immediately abandon the idea of getting EaseUS serial key illegally. Another reason to do it is the fact that the official developer offers various versions of the program, among which you’ll definitely find the one you need.

1. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

  • Platforms: Mac OS, Windows
  • Price: Free
  • FixThePhoto's Rating (4.5/5)

The free version of EaseUS Data Recovery allows hundreds of thousands of users around the world to restore their files by using such tools as automatic scanning, preview, and single-click recovery. You can restore data regardless of its file format. The number of supported file types currently stands at over 1000 and includes DOC, XLS, JPEG, TIFF/TIF, PNG, AVI, MOV, MP4, MP3, and more.

2. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Pro

  • Platforms: Mac OS, Windows
  • Price: $119.95 per year
  • FixThePhoto's Rating (4/5)

This professional-level data recovery software allows you to restore files that you lost due to emptying the Trash Bin or accidentally removing them. All you need to do is follow 3 easy steps: pick the needed hard drive, perform scanning to find all removed files, and preview all data that can be recovered. This software is an essential tool for recovering lost images, videos, audio and text files from all sorts of storage drives including HDD, SDD, fusion, SD-cards, USB sticks, and more.

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3. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Technician

  • Platforms: Mac OS, Windows
  • Price: $299 per year
  • FixThePhoto's Rating (4/5)

If you’re running any kind of business, organization, or academic institution, one of the key things you have to keep in mind is ensuring all your files are safe and protected since data loss can severely damage your activities. Thankfully, you can use EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Technician to recover files from any device you own even if you didn’t create a backup copy. Whether you lost data due to inattentiveness, corrupted hard drives, system errors, viruses, or partition damage – this software will solve your problem.

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EaseUS Data Recovery Keygen Alternatives

Even if you can’t afford the legal version of the program, that doesn’t mean you should rush to use EaseUS Data Recovery keygen. You can either get the official free version or download one of the free programs with similar functions below.

1. TestDisk

  • OS support
  • File system and partition support
  • Impressive functionality
  • Available on multiple platforms
  • More suitable for advanced users

TestDisk is a free file recovery program. It has an open-source code and is shared under the GNU license. This program is mainly used for restoring hard drive partitions and fixing bootable disks that stopped working properly. TestDisk is also a great tool for collecting information about corrupted data, which is especially useful for tech support experts.

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2. Recuva

  • Intuitive and beginner-friendly
  • Can analyze corrupted data
  • Advanced mode available
  • Data preview in advanced mode
  • Low scanning speed
  • Inaccurate file names

Recuva is a free alternative to EaseUS keygen. It allows users to easily restore files that were removed from your PC either by accident or because of an error. Furthermore, you can recover files that were deleted from the Recycle Bin and even photos and audio files from SD-cards and MP3 players. Learning how to use Recuva is also very easy. By default, the program has a Wizard UI, which allows you to choose the needed options and removes the necessity of browsing through all the confusing menus that’ll pop up if you decide to not use Wizard.

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3. Glary Utilities

  • Fast and simple
  • Good for on-demand scanning
  • Clear concise options
  • Doesn't provide system monitoring

Once you open the program, your registry will be scanned automatically. After a couple of simple steps, you’ll find all invalid entries and links. Next, you’ll be prompted to either fix specific errors or automatically repair all of them.

4. PhotoRec

  • Available completely for free
  • Open-source code
  • Broad range of supported file types
  • In-depth scanning
  • Isn’t particularly user-friendly
  • Disappointing customer support

PhotoRec allows users to recover deleted files from hard drives, cameras, smartphones, SD-cards, and disks. Since the tool doesn’t take the device’s file system into account, it’s capable of recovering even corrupted files. PhotoRec also allows you to send damaged data to its handy online checker to examine if it’s possible to recover it before attempting to fix all of the files.

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5. Disk Drill

  • Multi-platform
  • Nicely organized
  • Useful preview function
  • Allows pausing and resuming the process
  • Free edition is quite limited

Disk Drill is a simple data restoration program that was initially released way back in 2011. Being available on Windows and Mac, this program allows restoring files in over 200 formats including documents, songs, video clips, etc. The number of supported devices is also very impressive and includes external and internal HDDs, USB sticks, SD-cards, cameras, tablets, and even phones. Sadly, the free edition only lets you restore up to 500 MB of files.

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Solidcast 8 keygen software download

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Delighted to announce that on 13th November, 2013 Andrew Garner International Casting & Engineering Services was appointed as the representative in Indonesia of Finite Solutions Inc. for their suite of Casting Modelling Software, SOLIDCast, FLOWCast & OPTICast.


No other casting modeling program offers POWER, EASE OF USE and ACCURACY like SOLIDCast.
SOLIDCast lets you see how your casting will solidify before you make pattern equipment, dies and costly mistakes. Pour your test castings on the computer, not on the foundry floor!

Design gates, risers and test them out before making your first casting. Solidification modeling helps you to shorten lead times, produce higher quality and improve yield. All of this means lower costs, higher profits and improved marketability for your foundry.

SOLIDCast can be used to simulate castings poured in gray iron, ductile iron, steel, aluminum, copper-base, magnesium, nickel-based and almost any other alloy. A database of several hundred alloys, with their properties, is included.

With SOLIDCast you can simulate processes such as green sand, chemically-bonded sand, investment and permanent mold. You can use sleeves (insulating or exothermic), chills, hot topping, cooling channels, heating elements and just about anything else that is used in the metal casting process.

SOLIDCast now contains the new Riser Design Wizard and Gating Design Wizard. These tools allow you rig new castings in just a few minutes from a 3D CAD model, using actual process data, not guesses based on simple geometry. Since casting alloy, mold material and actual process conditions are taken into account, there is no more accurate way to calculate gating and riser designs for castings.
With SOLIDCast you can import 3D models from CAD, or build your own models without CAD.

Graphics are the most sophisticated available, with fully movable 3D models, X-ray images, high-resolution color images and AVI video files. You can send movies to anyone with a Windows PC!

Contact Andrew Garner International Casting & Engineering Services for more details about this exciting technology.


FLOWCast is the new flow modeling module from Finite Solutions Inc. FLOWCast works in conjunction with models created bySOLIDCast.

Flow modeling allows you to view a simulation, on the computer, showing how the molten metal will flow through gating systems and fill the casting cavity in the mold. FLOWCast models convection, conduction and radiation within the mold cavity. This allows you to analyze your casting and gating design to predict and minimize flow-related defects such as misruns due to premature solidification, or oxide formation or mold erosion due to excessive velocities during filling.

FLOWCast allows two options for modeling mold filling. The first is a Quick Simulation, which makes a few simplifying assumptions. For many processes, the Quick Simulation offers a fast and accurate way to model the flow of the liquid metal and the temperature distribution of the casting due to filling.

The results from the FLOWCast simulation are used in SOLIDCast to model the final solidification of the casting, resulting in a completely integrated casting modeling system.

Design and analysis of gating and mold filling with FLOWCast is as simple as solidification modeling with SOLIDCast.

Contact Andrew Garner International Casting & Engineering Services for more details about this exciting new technology.


OPTICast is a new software product that works in conjunction with the SOLIDCast solidification modeling system. OPTICast uses theHyperOpt system from Altair Engineering Inc., the leader in the field of optimization software.

What does Optimization do?
Most solidification modeling systems require the engineer to create a design, run a simulation, review the results, and then make a decision about how to modify the design to achieve a good casting. This can take several design iterations to get to the end result.

Optimization is a technique that allows the foundry engineer to start with an initial design for a casting, with gating and risering, as a 3D model in the SOLIDCast modeling system. The user then selects the following elements:

Design Variables: These are elements of the design that are allowed to vary. For example, this could be the height and diameter of a riser. It could also be the pouring temperature of the alloy, or the preheat temperature of an investment shell.

Constraints: These are specifications for results that determine whether a particular design is acceptable. /marvel-vs-capcom-3-for-android-free-download/. For example, the foundry engineer might specify a certain yield percentage as the minimum value acceptable. One might also specify a certain level of macroporosity as the maximum level acceptable.

The Objective Function: This describes what the foundry engineer is trying to achieve. Examples might be to maximize the yield, minimize shrinkage or minimize the total solidification time.

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Once these elements are identified in the model, the user then launches an Optimization Run. This consists of a series of simulations in which the design conditions are varied under the control of HyperOpt, model changes are made and simulation results are evaluated, all completely automatically, until the desired result is achieved.

Kahiin to hoga all episodes. Using OPTICast, the foundry engineer can start with an initial design and allow the computer to do the work of modifying the design and running simulations to achieve an optimum result.

Now, for the first time, the technology of automated design is brought to the foundry in the form of a practical and easy-to-use design tool. OPTICast can help you to improve your yield and your quality to an optimum point, while freeing design engineers from the repetitive task of trial-and-error design.

Solidcast 8 Keygen Software Downloads

Contact Andrew Garner International Casting & Engineering Services for more details about this exciting new technology.