Tim Gritaani Dvd Download Torrent. 3/3/2019 0 Comments UPDATE: Please wish Tim Grittani, you don’t need to get him anything though, because I think this milestone was more than enough? Another great week of trading and another big milestone for my top student, now teacher too, Tim Grittani, who as you can see here just passed $4 million in. Tim Grittani is the maker of Trading Tickers, a DVD course discussing the long and short of trading for profit. Unlike other “self-made” traders, Tim openly shares his knowledge in trading stocks and leaves behind a blueprint for success for traders to follow. Tim Gritaani Dvd Download Torrent, Does Resetting Pc Keep Downloads, Change Where Chrome Saves Downloads Android, Download Rosetta Stone App.

You might hear of Tim Grittani and his DVD if you are into day-trading. I am going to share my experience with his DVD ‘Trading Tickers’. I wrote this comprehensive review because I can’t find any informative review before this.

I think it is very important to let people know about what they are getting and that’s why I created this review. Rest assured that I am not affiliated with Tim Grittani in any way so this is going to be an unbias review.

Before that, I need to congratulate you on spending time to do your own research about any seemingly good product online because this is the only way to avoid scam.

How to Make More Money to start Day-trading like Tim Grittani?


Trading Tickers Review Summary

Trading Tickers is a 12 chapters video lesson that talks about different penny stock trading strategies that made Tim Grittani millions in the stock market. It contains more than 16 hours of video lesson that includes trading techniques, live example, chart setup, and mindset behind each trades. However, the video lesson costs $997 after $800 coupon discount.

Who is Tim Grittani?

Tim Grittani is a penny stock day trader who has made himself more than 7.6 million from 2012 until now 2019. Unlike many other self-claimed millionaires, Grittani has proved and shown his profit on a verification platform named Profitly which directly imports trades from brokerage statement.

In addition, Grittani has a YouTube channel where he talks about some of his trades and the mindset behind those trades. It is very beneficial to watch those free videos to know Grittani’s trading style and learn from his mistakes. He has also posted a few of the live trades within his online courses on YouTube.

Grittani was a finance student in college and he started working as an insurance agent after graduation. However, he did not see his future working in that industry. He came across Tim Sykes on the internet and found out about the potential in penny stock.

He started off with $1500 from his salary and lose it all by placing random trades. But he realized that he had to focus on only one or two setups to be profitable. He reloaded with another $1500 and months later he made his first million in the stock market.

Who’s Trading Tickers For?

  • People who can trade the first 3 hours when the US stock market opens.
  • People who see the potential in Penny Stocks’ volatility.
  • People who have extra money to spare because it is possible that you may lose them all.

What do I like About Trading Tickers?

There are 35 trade examples in the video lesson. Watching these examples tremendously help to learn about how to spot a good opportunity and how to make an entry and exit. Grittani explained how to make several entries with a different size that will give you a good average position so that you can maximize the profit or minimize the risk.

/desert-eagle-serial-number-search/. Please check his YouTube video to see if you like the way he talked about his plan and mindset behind each trades.

In addition, you get to learn about his choice of broker and trading platform. You will learn about what criteria should you be looking for when scanning for stocks to trade.

Is Trading Tickers Worth the Money?

  • Price: 3.0 / 5.0
  • Value: 4.0 / 5.0
  • Education: 4.5 / 5.0
  • Transparency: 4.5 / 5.0
  • Easy-to-Understand: 4.0 / 5.0


  • A great resource for both beginner and experienced trader
  • Learn from the live examples and experience the techniques with small size
  • Very easy to understand, Grittani explained everything in details


  • Expensive
  • Need internet access to watch the stream videos


The price may seem high for most people that want to start trading in the stock market. However, the knowledge is worth millions of dollar if you have good discipline and always make a plan before entering a trade. Also, the stock market will never vanish and thus the knowledge you gained will be useful forever.

Recommendation: 8/10

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