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CutRite Holzma changes moderate board. Cutting into a more productive process

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that spares time and decreases wastage, sparing a great deal of cash.

The product offers similarity with a boundless scope of machines from sliding

table saws and CNC pillar saws to switches and machining focuses.

At the heart of Cut Rite is its capable advancement motor which has been

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created and adjusted in the course of recent years and is bolstered by

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programming modules for all aspects of your assembling operation.

Adaptation 10:

New components Numerous rundowns can be opened and altered all the while
Information import wizard for simple information exchange. Programmed sorting of materials for cutting, e.g. as

indicated by complete or board thickness. New sorting and computation choices for reports New look and feel of cutting example design
Computation of edging and cover included as standard.
Overhaul and bolster contract guarantees programming is dependably breakthrough.

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