The Embodiment of Scarlet Devil (aka 東方紅魔郷, Touhou Koumakyou, Touhou 6, Tōhō Kōmakyō) is a video game published in 2002 on Windows by Team Shanghai Alice. It's an action game, set in an anime / manga, arcade, shooter and shmup themes.

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Translation Syntax

Touhou 10.5 uses the same dialogue syntax for Story Mode, Endings and VS Scripts.

  • Story and VS gives you room for three full lines, as compared to the original two.
  • Endings give you four lines.
  • Key-press pauses can be put anywhere in the text by adding @.
  • You can add more than one text balloon in the same message box, by ending the current one with . However, in this case you must end all text balloons in the box with , or else it will flow over to the next box.
  • You can even end a text box with @, for adding text-pauses in portrait changes, or character actions (like Tenshi crashing down from the sky).
  • There's also color formatting: <color 0000FF>this is blue</color>.


This is text box 1.
This is still text box [email protected]
Text box 1 just made a pause.
Text box 1 is dead.
Long live text box 2.

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This page contains download links to all kinds of different patches or tools applicable to the official Touhou shooting games.

Some of the patches are also available at Touhou Patch Center and can be used through their automatic translation patcher and modding tool, which can also be downloaded using our mirror below (see THCRAP section). These patches will have the favicon of their site next to them.



Removes input delay, allows you to increase in-game FPS (default is 60), optionally fixes several bugs (PCB cherry display, MoF MarisaB 3-power unfocus, UFO 2.147b score display). The input delay is mostly prevalent in the older games (EoSD to IN) and running them on Vpatch will significantly improve the gameplay experience.

Vpatch is applicable to all official shooting games bar HSiFS and WBaWC.


THCRAP (Translation patches / Modding tool)

Translation patches into English and many other languages, as well as countless modifications to gameplay, graphics and more, plus the ability to make your own, are provided by the Touhou Community Reliant Automatic Patcher (THCRAP) for all Windows Touhou games. The link also links to instructions on how to use the patcher.

DX8 to DX9 converter

Makes the older Touhou Windows games (EoSD, PCB, IN, PoFV and StB) run properly on Windows 10. Extract it into the folders of these games for it to take effect.


Completed Scorefiles

These are (mostly) complete score.dat files useful for practice combined with other tools, as they have unlocked the Extra Stage, every practice stage and spell in Spell Practice for all shottypes.

All official shooting games aside from VD are included.



Japanese program that can load .ssg files that modify the game while it is running, allowing for practice options as well as cheats. SpoilerAL SSGs require the original Japanese versions of the games to work. The 4.6 SSGs have practice options such as skipping to a specific frame of the game or a specific spell, while the niL SSGs have cheat options such as invincibility. There is also a separate MoF SSG made by Akaldar for efficient practice in that game specifically, a separate GFW SSG, as well as a TD SSG specifically designed for efficient scoring practice, made by Leo, a DDC SSG and a LoLK Chapter Practice SSG by 32th System and separate HSiFS SSGs with cheat options. Be wary of an occasional menu bug that causes an SSG to duplicate itself and make other SSGs invisible.


General Practice Tools

Patches intended for efficient practice in one or more games, allowing the player to skip to patterns or changing power and such.

Universal Practice Tool by ACK

Single practice tool that works on all of the official Touhou shoot 'em up games, allowing you to change settings or skip to patterns at will.


Practice Tools by Riri

Tools that allow you to skip to specific patterns in SA, UFO and LoLK, also allowing for other settings like your current power. The UFO and LoLK tools are external programs while the SA tool is a modification of the program. The LoLK one was made for v1.00a but mostly functions properly on v1.00b as well.

WBaWC Practice by Priw8

Allows skipping to any part of the game, similar to Riri's practice tools, using an in-game menu.


GFW 'Brown Label' Practice by MegaPulse

Modified .dat files that allow you to practice specific stages of any route in the game. Select A in-game for full stage practice, B for midboss and boss and C for boss only. Refer to the readme file for further information.


Boss Rush Patches

Modifications to the main .dat files of the games that skip stage portions, allowing you to efficiently practice boss battles. The skipping applies to both full runs and practice runs.

Boss Rush Patches by Martin

All midbosses and bosses are included, everything else being kept the same. There are also 'boss-only' versions that do skip the midbosses.


/how-to-download-csgo-demos/. Boss Rush Patches by Drake

Patches for SA and UFO that not only remove stage portions, but also bombs. The SA one includes turning Stage 4 into 'Satori Rush', where you fight every single one of her Spell Cards. Note that the safe areas on Border of Wave and Particle and Utsuho's 3rd spell are removed in this patch.

EoSD Boss Rush by Dass

Another boss rush patch for EoSD, also including 'Patchouli Rush'.


PCB Boss Rush by rsy_type1 and Chirpy

A boss rush patch for PCB.


WBaWC Boss Rush by Plus

A boss rush patch for WBaWC.


Specific Pattern Practice

Patches intended for practicing one or a few specific patterns in a game. Usually .dat modifications.

Books Practice for EoSD by Akaldar

Repeats the Stage 4 Books section for easy practicing.


VoWG + PWG Practice for MoF by Chirpy

Makes Kanako skip to Virtue of Wind God (her final spell) and makes Aya skip to Peerless Wind God (her timeout spell), which will also repeat itself indefinitely.


IN Nonspell Practice

Patch that lets you practice nonspells in IN.


Timeout Phase Collection by Martin

Patches for practicing the timeout phases of the final spells on Lunatic and Extra from MoF to HSiFS, plus Devil's Recitation, but not including GFW Stage 3 final spells.

Shottype Modifications

MoF Reisen by Kayu

Replaces ReimuC with Reisen in MoF.


UFO Tsubakura mod by Priw8 th12tsuba

Replaces both Reimu shottypes in UFO with Tsubakura shottypes, a character from the Len'en series. Also changes the dialogues and endings.


DDC Sanae by Priw8 th14sanae

Touhou 15.5 English Patch Download

Replaces ReimuB with Sanae in DDC.


HSiFS Sanae by Priw8 th16sanae

Replaces Marisa with Sanae in HSiFS.


LoLK Sakuya by Priw8 th15sakuya

Replaces Reisen with Sakuya in LoLK.


TD Yuuka by Gamer251

Replaces Marisa with Yuuka in TD. Also changes the dialogues.


DS Seija by BurntToast12

Replaces Aya in DS with Seija, including when she shows up as a boss.


WBaWC (Demo) Reisen by Kayu


Replaces ReimuOtter with Reisen in the WBaWC demo.

WBaWC Narumi by Kayu

Adds Narumi to WBaWC as a shottype.


Hard Mode / Ultra Patches

Patches that increase the bullet density and speed throughout the game, while giving you autobombs to compensate for it. The Hard Mode patches also change the actual patterns. The main Ultra patch collection includes the games up to ISC.

Hard Mode patches by Chirpy

Patches for UFO and DDC that modify patterns, besides simply making them harder.


RNG patches by Daikarasu RNG

A collection of modified .dat files that randomise the patterns in the game.


LoLK Black Label

A Chinese Ultra patch for LoLK, which does not have autobomb, but it doubles your shot power instead.

Download (Baidu)

Touhou 15.5 Patch Download Pc

IN Double Stage 4/6

Allows you to play 4A, 4B, 6A and 6B in a single run. Optionally also includes Extra at the end.

HSiFS UltraB by Dass

An alternate HSiFS Ultra patch that also increases density.


'LoDDK' by Priw8 LoDDK

Combines LoLK with DDC, making each boss fight a dual boss fight against the bosses of both games. It removes all stage portions, effectively making it a boss rush, and also combines the HUDs of both games.


OC Patches by Bravi BraviOCOkina

Remastered version of Stage 6 and harder version of Extra in HSiFS, including an original character replacing Okina and alternate story along with pattern, bullet type, stage music and graphical changes. There is another patch with the same OC replacement and pattern modding for VD on the Okina scenes on the same download page.


Graphical Patches

Modifications to the main .dat files of the games that change the way the game looks.

Graphical Patches by Gastari

Includes PCB and HSiFS in MS Paint style, an emoji-themed version of UFO and a Christmas-themed version of LoLK.

Vertical Play Patches by niisaka

Makes MoF, SA, UFO and TD play in the arcade-style vertical resolution, also known as TATE.


PC-98 Emulators

Neko Project 21Assassin creed 3 pc download.

The only emulator that is currently still maintained together with DOSBox-X. It offers unlimited savestates and has high accuracy, but requires the right configurations; can be confusing for new users. The emulator is located in the bin folder with two versions, 32-bit and 64-bit (x64).



Easy-to-use emulator that will emulate the Touhou games properly without needing configuration of any kind, but less feature-rich, and allows 8 active savestates at a time, 4 of which through hotkeys.



This emulator has low system requirements and can run even on very old computers. However, the graphics are mediocre and the sound emulation requires proper configuration to be accurate. Allows for 8 savestates and requires a separate font file, linked below.


A fork of the DOSBox project that has support for PC-98. It is the only emulator to run natively under not only Windows, but also Mac and Linux. A list of downloads for each system can be found via the link below.

Downloads (GitHub)


Real Time DRC Points Displayer by Cao Minh

A tool that tracks in-game data such as misses, bombs, etc, thus calculating DRC points for both survival and scoring during a Touhou run.


Touhou 15.5 Patch Download Mediafire

MS Black Label by Spaztron64

Increases the graze cap from 999 to 65536.


EoSD Capture History Tracker by TrickOfHat

Command-line tool that allows you to track how many times you captured spells in EoSD. Includes Stage 4 Books and Play Time tracking, as well as allowing for multiple save files.

PoFV Play Time Recorder by TrickOfHat

Keeps track of your play time in PoFV.


PoFV Replay Save Crash Fixer

Touhou 15.5 patch download pc

Launching this alongside the game fixes the bug that makes the game crash whenever you save a replay.

Download (Baidu)

Touhou 15.5 Patch Download Torrent

TD Arrange Patch by Nereid

Modification of TD that removes the invincibility from trances, instead allowing you to use them starting at 1/3 full gauge.

HSiFS Max Season Start by Martin

Lets you start with your season level at 6.


Polished Shooting Star by YoshiWeegee

Allows you to run the fangame Shining Shooting Star without requiring you to set your locale to Chinese. Note that it does not fix the pattern speed bug on locales that use a comma for decimals, which makes certain patterns extremely fast until a full run is played or a replay of one of certain stages is watched.


Input Display by Drake

Shows your button presses. Works on both gameplay and replays.


LoLK Pointdevice no power loss by 32th System

Disables the 0.01 power loss mechanic of Pointdevice Mode in LoLK, making sure you never lose power upon restarting a chapter.

Touhou 15.5 Patch Download Lol


HSiFS UFO mod by Priw8 th16ufos

Adds UFOs to HSiFS.


WBaWC score cap mod by 32th System score_uncap

Allows the in-game score counter to exceed 9,999,999,990 points.


The background image was drawn by 青葉.