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If you take a look at the hidden spy cameras market nowadays, you will find that the main goal of many is to disguise themselves as common household objects. And one such popular category are USB flash drives, which results in a USB flash drive spy camera craze.

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There are a lot of options out there, some of which are really good, and others not that much. That being said, if you want to add some kind of surveillance to your home or office, in an inconspicuous way, this is an excellent opportunity for you to do so. After going through countless product reviews, we concluded a list of the best USB spy cameras.

To help you a bit, we’ve decided to do two things. First, we’ll take a look at three really good options that you can pick up, so you’ve got a bit of a choice. And then, we’ll discuss about how to choose a good USB flash drive spy camera, and what are some things to look out for.

Resolution: 1080p HD
Storage:Support 256GB Micro SD
Recording: Loop Recording

This device allows you to record videos in Full HD quality with a resolution of 1080 pixels. It also incorporates an appropriate field of view and provides sharp images. It is one of the best device that you can use in a wide variety of situations.

This device has one of the most reliable operations you needed. The loop recording prevents memory storage from becoming a problem. You can continue to record even when the memory limit is reached.

This device allows you to efficiently protect the memory card due to the high strength materials. To have more eyes we recommend purchasing this device.

Usb Spy Camera Driver Download

Resolution: Full HD 1080P
Storage:Up to 32 GB Class 10
Motion Detection

This 2-in-1 USB Charger camera is equipped with features that you needed in securing your home. It gives you 1080P full HD results on your video and images.

The advanced motion detection features allow you to detect and records movement within a 10-15 feet distance. The loop recording will allow you to record still footages not worrying if the device memory will become full because it will delete older files to give space to the new recordings.

As compact and easy to use as it is with a 2 x 1.65 x 1.2 in dimension. You can even organize a time stamp on your video and images capture.

Usb Spy Camera Driver Download Windows 10

3. ehomful Hidden Camera Wireless Mini Spy USB Cam

Resolution:1280*960 (video), 1600*1200 (image)
Storage:Up to 32GB
Working time: 40 minutes
Battery capacity:
Motion Detection

Update usb camera driver

This USB Mini Spy Camera from ehomful is a great choice for your spy camera needs. It has a motion alert type that gives you 1280×960 video resolutions and a 1600×1200 for image resolutions.

The specifications come in 3 great ways. One is surfing the net, with camaras espias connected you can just short press the button and it will start recording without any extra driver or application to work.

Second, its capacity even if it is a small device it will give you satisfaction as to its resolutions both for its video and images. It weighs 10g with a video recording time of 40 minutes and functions in a lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 80mA. The charging time is one hour.

Thirdly, it’s a portable and very discreet device. It is the same size as your thumb, 1.9×0.75×0.35 inches to be exact.

Driver tuner activation key. To fully enjoy the device you have to note that it has 2 buttons, the blue light indicates that the device is on standby mode. The second button when quick press indicates that you are now starting to record. Please note that the camera won’t work without a memory card.

The first thing you’ll want to do when you’re looking at a USB flash drive spy camera is to determine your budget. Even though generally they’re all pretty cheap, you will often find some that are a lot more expensive without offering a lot of extra functionality. As you can see with the options below, they do give you all you could need from a good USB flash drive spy camera, and you won’t be needing much more. Check our article on how to use a USB Spy Camera.

When you’ve determined your budget, it’s time to look at specifications for cameras. The first thing you’ll come across is the resolution. With resolution, there’s generally a couple of options, HD and Full HD being the key ones. If you’re trying to save a bit, you could go for HD, which is 1280×720. This will give you decent video quality, but nothing to write home about. However, it’s going to save you quite a bit of storage. Full HD, or 1920×1080, is a whole different beast. It does capture quite a lot more detail, but it also uses up a lot more space, which might be bad if you don’t have the room for it. Which one you go for is completely up to you, but do keep these things in mind, but know that if you have a well-lit room, 720p is quite sufficient.

Next, you’ve got the field of view. A USB flash drive spy camera is oftentimes something you’ll just put on your desk, or plug in your computer, so a narrow field of view might not capture everything you need. Try to get one with a wider field of view, because it will capture a much larger part of the scene.

The next thing is where conventional cameras differ from a USB flash drive spy camera. With a conventional one, you don’t have to worry about looks. But here, you want one that’s going to look like a spy camera, and nothing else. You don’t want a lot of additional buttons, you don’t want a lot of flashing lights etc. You want it to be as simple as possible, without a lot of fuss. That’s why our top pick is our top pick, because it looks just like a USB flash drive, nothing more. The lens looks like a LED (but won’t flash), and the button is well hidden in the hinge of the flash drive’s cap.

Last but not least, you should consider the functionality, and there’s one key feature here. You should see whether or not the flash drive can record while plugged in. While many will come with a built-in battery, the ability to record while you have it plugged in a computer, for example, is a great thing because it gives you significantly longer recording time. Here’s a how to guide on USB flash drive spy cameras.

Free Download Driver Usb Camera

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