Update 14 Dec 2020: Insider 20279 released.

Windows 10 build 9841 is a build of Windows 10. It was demonstrated by Microsoft on 30 September 2014 at a closed press conference and released as a Technical Preview the next day, on 1 October 2014. It is the first publicly available build of Windows 10, released to users who joined the Windows Insider program. Jun 06, 2018 Get the latest Windows 10 version 1511 build 10586 ISO download Feb 2016 update. The ISO file contains Home and Professional edition for both 32bit and 64bit systems. PcHippo gives the single-click direct link to Windows 10 Free Download. Jul 21, 2020 Windows Server 2016 build 9841 is a build of Windows Server 2016.It is the first Server 2016 build to be released to Insiders from Microsoft, and is the first official Technical Preview release. Windows Server 2016 build 9841 is a build of Windows Server 2016.It is the first Server 2016 build to be released to Insiders from Microsoft, and is the first official Technical Preview release.

Windows Insider is a way to taste upcoming features in Windows 10 stable release, In this case, 21H1 and 20H2 (version 2103 and 2009). This is a comprehensive guide on how to download (or build) Windows Insider preview ISO files and get it installed on your computer. First, a Windows insider is more like beta Windows 10.

Microsoft releases many insider previews to test things out, sometimes those features and tweaks make a place in the final version but mostly may not. So it feels good to experience the features that may or may not last forever.

Download stable Windows 10 latest version ISO system image files.

Download Windows 10 Insider preview

Article Contents

  • Download Windows 10 Insider preview
    • Windows insider WIM File, yet another option.

Use the below download button to choose from 32-bit and 64-bit Windows 10. We are using this tool to download UUP files from Microsoft servers. The tool automatically converts UUP files to ISO in the end, so YES, you can build the latest insider preview ISO images at home, 100% original and safe.

Current insider preview Dev channel codename is 21H1.

Windows 10 Insider preview 20279 ISO 64-bit Download
Windows 10 Insider preview 20279 ISO 32-bit Download
Windows 10 Insider preview 20279 ISO ARM64 Download
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Follow these steps to get your Windows 10 ISO.

  1. Download the appropriate tool (created by the folks from uupdump.ml)
  2. Extract the zip file by clicking right and selecting Extract all.
  3. Run the run UUP_download_windows.cmd file for Windows.
  4. Let the process complete, it’ll consume somewhere 3-4GB bandwidth, please read the step-by-step instructions.

This insider is from Beta channel version 21H1.

Build Original Windows 10 Insider Preview Build ISO

Warning: many people still rely on the internet to download ISO from the internet which often led your PC get infected, folks over uupdump.ml created this script that compiles ISO using original files obtained through Microsoft servers.

  1. Download the script from the links given above, use the 64-bit link to download 64-bit Windows 10 UUP files. And use the 32-bit link to build 32-bit Windows insider preview ISO.
  2. Now extract the tool, right-click and select Extract All option.
  1. Open the extracted folder, run uup_download_windows file, this script is an automated script that will download all the files using the Aria2 download program. This is necessary to download multiple files at once.

This will take some minutes, use a high-speed internet connection. you can see the progress inside the command prompt window and all the files that this tool download is from Microsoft server, so yes there is no involvement of third-party files.

If for some reason, you see an error in downloading, just close and start the tool, it will skip downloaded files and confirm all files are downloaded.

The new version of the tool, automatically creates ISO from the files. However, if you wish to manually trigger the ISO building process, read step 4.

(Optional) Step 4. Once done, this script will execute another tool that you can find inside the same folder. Run the convert-UUP to start converting downloaded files to Windows 10 Insider preview ISO.

Get Windows 10 Insider preview UUP files and change it to ISO file: In case you don’t trust the ISO from 3rd party website. You can fetch all the UUP files for the latest Insider preview build and convert them into a single ISO file for installation purpose.

Install Guide – Install Windows 10 from USB Step by step guide with images]

Getting the latest Insider build.

Windows 10 Build 9841 Iso Download 2016 64-bit

Step 1. Go to computer settings, press Windows Key + I (shortcut)

Step 2. Update & Security > Windows insider program > Setup with Microsoft Account.

Step 3. Update & Security > Windows update > check for update.

Windows 10 Build 9841 Iso Download 2016 32-bit

This should hook you with the insider program, and you will get the latest insider build if you choose Skip Ahead at the time enabling insider program.

Windows 10 Insider Preview

Download from Microsoft. What’s available: Build 18343.

  1. First, go to this page and log in to a Microsoft Live account, if you don’t have to create a one. Unlike downloading a Windows 10 stable ISO, this will require a Sign in.
  2. From the page select the Edition and the Language. Here I choose “Win 10 Insider Preview – Build 18343. Not each recent version is available from the Microsoft if you didn’t find a recent version by using this method, feel free to jump at the bottom of this article where we add links to the latest versions.
  3. Links will be created for both 64-bit and 32-bit machines; you need to download one according to your PC architecture. How do I know which one I have?

Remember those links are only valid for a 24-hour period (optional) If you wish to download the file in a few days here is how to do that. Basically, you can remote download the file using the links provided by Microsoft.

After that, you can download the file from the cloud storage the usual way. Below are estimation information of ISO file sizes.

Windows insider WIM File, yet another option.

Original Microsoft method uses tool to convert wim to ISO. Available builds: Windows 10 Base Images – 14393 (Anniversary Update),15063 (Creators Update), 16232 , 16237, 16241, 16251, 16257 (Insider Preview) .

Head to the desktop app converter base images page here. Click on the download button and choose the base image you want to download by ticking

Windows 10 WIM files download page screenshot. No longer exist.

Install this official converter tool from windows store (you must be on windows 10), optionally you can use another online tool like this one to extract the wim file data.

Creating Bootable Media

Hopefully, there is more than one way to create a bootable installation media. Creating a bootable USB is a fast way, and installing Window 10 from it is even more simple.

Hope this helps you to get your hands on the latest features and new tweaks. Do more with Windows 10 here are some interesting guides to get going.


Windows Insider is like the treat for Developers and tech-savvy people who are interested to test out upcoming and bleeding-edge features of Windows 10. This article helps folks in downloading Windows 10 insider ISO (building one on your own).

Windows 10 insider preview is divided into two channels, one is beta and the other is Dev. Beta is the next version that is going to release, while he Dev channel includes features that can make it into the next stable update. It’s counterintuitive to test the Beta channel, rather just download and hop to the latest Windows 10 insider preview ISO and get it installed on your computer.

If your Windows 10 installation is behaving unusually such as broken built-in modern applications, you can perform a repair install to fix the problem. A repair install installs Windows over the existing installation of Windows 10 on your hard disk, using your installation DVD or Installation media file. Performing this can repair broken system files and simultaneously preserving files, applications, etc.

Prerequisites for Repair Install:
  1. A windows 10 ISO file which you can download from here. Make sure it has the same language, edition, and architecture. For how to download ISO file, see method #3 here.
  2. A backup of the most important files.
  3. A Windows 10 OS that boots to the desktop-safe mode or advanced recovery options would not work.
Things that would be removed:
  1. All custom fonts and customized icons.
  2. All Windows updates. For example, if you are using an ISO of build 18363.915, then you need to apply all the updates released from 18363.0.

Steps for doing a Repair install:

  1. First of all open, the Installation file downloaded from Microsoft’s website. It would mount as a virtual drive-F:/ here and the contents would open in a new window.
  2. Then double click the setup.exe named file and it should show you preparing screen. Accept the license terms.
  3. Change the Update Settings to “not right now”.
  4. Then after some progress, it would prompt you with the confirmation. Make sure there is a tick against Keep files, apps and settings as shown:
  5. Click on next again and that would bring you to the installation screen. The computer would restart several times.
  6. You will get a progress screen after the second restart:
  7. Then when the progress gets to 100 percent, your PC would ask you to sign in first and then ask for OOBE-out of box experience that would ask you to finalize or customize your settings.
  8. Review the Settings and Choose Next. You should see the Desktop.
  9. Thas it, you have done a Repair Install. You can verify your build number by typing in winver in the run dialog box.


For doing a Repair Install, you can also use the Media creation tool. It can be called as a more automated process as you have to do nothing.It would first download an ISO and then automatically do a repair Install.
  • First of all Download Windows 10 Media Creation Tool.
  • After the download finishes, open the tool and select upgrade this PC now as shown:
  • Sit back and relax, your computer would do the steps described above automatically till logging in.

Windows 10 Build 9841 Iso Download 2016 64-bit

That’s it. See more:

Windows 10 Build 9841 Iso Download 2016 32-bit

Residing from Chandigarh India, Sumit is a Windows Insider MVP awarded for the first time in 2018. He is also an Independent advisor for Microsoft customers and helps voluntarily as well on the forums.

Windows 10 Build 9841 Iso Download 2016 Version